Block Number: 33


No. of Parcels: 10


Percent Vacant Parcels:  90.0%


Percent Parcels with Structures: 10.0%


Structure Overall Condition:   5.0

(5 = Intact, clean; 3= Visible structural damage; 1 = Building shell ruined)


Structure Characteristics:


Structure No.

Building Type

Building Height

Building Width





Single family

One story





Lawn Condition: 5.0

(5 = neatly kept lawn; 3 = Overgrown grass; 1 = Overgrown weed, copious amounts of refuse)


Presence of Refuse: 5.0

(5 = no refuse at all; 3 = Presence of visible refuse; 1 = Presence of large refuse)


Security issue*:   0.3

(This score ranges from 0 to 1, indicating the severity of security issues; higher score indicates more severe security concern)


Graffiti:    NA                        

(0 indicates no graffiti; 1 indicates there is at least one property that has graffiti)


Block Images:








* Security issue is assessed for each property from five dimensions: Loitering (1 to 5 indicating no loitering to much loitering); Bars on Windows (1= Yes; 0=No); Security Fences (1= Yes; 0= No); Guard Dogs (1= Yes; 0= No); Warning or Danger Signs (1= Yes; 0= No). For each property, scores of these five dimensions are aggregated by taking the sum of the five scores divided by the possible biggest points, 9. This gives the assessment of security issue for each property. The grand mean of security scores of all property indicate the overall security issue in the block.