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Community - Campus Day of Service

April 5, 2014

On Saturday, April 5th, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign kicked off National Volunteer Week with an inaugural Community-Campus Day of Service. Over 60 students, faculty and staff worked with six community partners on seven projects to complete pre-construction projects, community garden spring preparation projects, flyering in the community, reorganizing classrooms at Tap in Leadership Academy, cataloging choral literature, and preparing a Bee Garden. A big thank you goes out to all who helped on April 5!


Enriching perspectives through community engagement

Outreach Weekend Report - October 12-13, 2007

Weekend Summary

Weekend Summary

by Elizabeth Andrejasich
One of the largest and most successful weekends yet! With over 150 participants, ESLARP was able to accomplish a great deal with several partners. The weekend was full of excellent UIUC service-learning courses! UP260 spent the weekend finishing class work including painting and cleaning at Opal's House, and sign painting and beautification at Dayton-Wedgewood Metro-Link stop. LIS451, an introductory computer networking course, conducted their initial site visits with their new computer lab partners. LIS581, the library archives course, has been working with the Katherine Dunham Museum this semester in an effort to assess their archival materials. ARCH401, ESLARP's Action Research Methods class, is partnered with the park district this semester. They spent the weekend organizing a community summit. Graduate Architecture studio, ARCH571, continued their work on the Village Theater Storage Roof. Along with so many class projects general volunteers, most of whom are enrolled in ARCH101, worked clean-ups in precinct 12 and dayton-wedgewood, landscape work at Eagle's Nest and fixed headstones in a historic cemetery in the old french district. Thanks to everyone for such a success!
CCP12 by Sang Lee


by Crystal Whiters

Sept. 21-22, 2007: Outreach Weekend Summary Location: Holy Cross Cemetery Supervisor: Crystal Whiters Volunteers: ARCH 101 students The Hubbard House, operated by the Catholic Urban Ministries, houses volunteers serving the East St. Louis community and coordinates volunteer opportunities. Adjacent to the Hubbard House is Holy Cross Cemetery from the early 19th Century. Joe Hubbard, for whom the house is named, began a restoration of the cemetery, realigning crooked and sunken tombstones. On Friday, eight students from Architecture 101: Introduction to Architecture continued the mission, realigning tombstones and cleaning them with brushes. On Saturday, six more students joined the effort. In addition to Friday’s tasks, several students reconnected broken headstones. At the end of the weekend, the volunteers successfully realigned tombstones accessible to them and exceeded expectations by cleaning and fixing them.

CTC setup by Vicki Eddings

Dayton Wedgewood

by Chris Sharkey

This weekend was one of the first for ESLARP outreach at Dayton Wedgewood. Our site, located between the Dayton Wedgewood neighborhood and the Metro-Link stop, is the subject of this semesters UP260 project. Professor Harwood's students, before departing for East St. Louis, had been in contact with our Dayton Wedgewood neighborhood liaison (Lilly), had contacted a local masonry supplier and arranged for a donation of paving bricks, and had began the construction of signs (see the photo album below for pictures!). On Friday afternoon there were about 12 students from UP260 at the site working on preping the new signs for installation which included digging post holes and cementing the posts in place; and working on site beautification which included picking up litter and trimming brush. Saturday, however, with the help of Arch101 students and a number of general volunteers the site was packed with more than 30 people working on site clearing and the sign/flowerbed beautification. We recieved a shipment of about 250 paving bricks from a local business to who we extend our many thanks - these bricks were used to line 2 flower beds at the base of the signs where residents of the neighborhood intend to plant flowers this fall and spring. During the afternoon a few residents of the neighborhood stopped by to help and talk with the students and Lilly gave the best lunch ESLARP has yet to have seen - chili, hotdogs on the grill, and homemade candy apples (she had to show us how to eat them). With the completion of the signs and flowerbeds and the removal of tons of waste and debris from the site we finished the very successful weekend project. Thank you everyone for your hard work.

Katherine Dunham Centers

by Noah Lenstra

The second group of students in Library and Information Science, from Anke Voss's course on archival administration and practice, spent the work weekend of September 21 and 22 finishing compiling a preliminary, partial inventory of the Katherine Dunham papers housed across four buildings in East St. Louis. Katherine Dunham was a world-famous anthropologist, dancer and activist who called East St. Louis home for the last 40 years of her life. Ms. Dunham created a museum, a cultural center and a school to teach her "Dunham technique" in East St. Louis. Dunham also went on a fast that lasted over 40 days in East St. Louis in the early 1990's to protest US policy towards Haitian immigrants. The archiving students, who had previously studied the documentary record of Ms. Dunham at other institutions, inventoried Ms. Dunham's papers in order to be able to state with some degree of confidence what the center holds, in relation to her multi-faceted lif! e.! This knowledge of the archival holdings will enable the Dunham Center Board of Directors to act knowledgeably as they decide what course of action to take with the Dunham papers. The students will, in November, in groups, present a proposal on what they think should happen with the Dunham holdings in East St. Louis. These presentations will be open to the public. In November, as well, there will be a open-volunteer work weekend for the archiving project in East St. Louis. We seek anyone interested in archives to join us as we continue to work on this important historical legacy project! Contact Noah Lenstra at for more information.

Eagle's Nest

by Will Godfrey
On Friday, October 12, a group of 10 volunteers and myself lent a hand at Eagles Nest, a soon-to-be-open shelter for homeless veterans in East St. Louis. Our first day of work consisted of beautifying the grounds and buildings. We raked a whole lot of leaves, mowed, trimmed, pick-up garbage, and painted. Several volunteers had some fun on the riding mowers while carting leaves and mowing the grounds. Our neighborhood partners, George and Martha, were incredibly impressed with our work. In fact, in a single day we completed all the work they had planned for us for the entire weekend. By about 3:30 we were cleaning up the site and headed for the hotel for a quick nap before dinner. Martha and George asked us back on Saturday despite finishing all our work the day before. Half our volunteers form Friday headed over to the Holy Cross cemetery to help out with the graveyard maintenance while the rest of us, 4 volunteers and myself, headed back to Eagles Nest. Saturday consisted of more beautifying of the grounds. We painted and made flower beds by moving A LOT of dirt, it was harder work that Friday but George and Martha's thanks kept everyone motivated and focused. We were done by about 3:00, headed to Pirtle's for some ice cream, and then began the voyage back to Champaign.

Village Theatre roof

by Bob Selby

The ARCH 571 students met with members of Concerned Citizens of Precinct 12 in the church classroom at 3600 Waverly. They displayed their proposals for the new Community Center for this site for review and comment by CCP12. After about a half an hour to visit all 14 projects CCP12 members placed Post-it Notes on projects the wished to discuss further, projects that best represented what they were looking for in their new community center. The group stressed the need for security, one-story construction to accommodate senior citizens, an indoor basketball court/multi-purpose space to attract community youth, commercial kitchen with 3-compartment sink, a play area for small children. Students learned that additional parking space is available across 36 th Street at the corner of Waverly Avenue measuring 50’ x 130’. CCP12 was pleased with the amount of work all the students were able to do in about three weeks. It was agreed that the students would form about five teams to work on the projects that received the most Post-it Notes “votes.” We will meet again on Friday 30 November. It was suggested that we meet later in the afternoon so more working members might attend. Students then went to work on the roofing project at the Village Theater for Christina Fisher.Friday afternoon, students finished shingling the hip valleys. Others applied roofing cement carefully to exposed nails. Students then worked on applying 1 x 6 fascias and OSB soffits with 1-1/2” vent spaces protected with insect screen. This work was completed on Saturday. Other students cleaned out the interior of the space by removing shelves, furring strips, drywall ceilings and insulation. Once the interior was cleaned out, students spent Saturday cutting and raising the bottom collar tie from a height of seven feet to just over eight feet. Additional 2 x 4 hangars will need to be installed in November. The next door neighbors have a new puppy named “Follow Me” because he followed them home one day. Students used scrap materials to build the puppy a new dog house.
SENDO by Janni Sorensen Park District Summit by Marianna


by Abby Harmon

On this weekend, a group of motivated Arch 101 students cleaned up the ESLARP tool shed. The students jumped right in, and they tested power tools, sifted through countless buckets and storage containers, sorted tools by their usage types, moved shelves, and did general cleaning of the shed and the storage containers. The shed is now organized and ready for use by ESLARP volunteers!

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