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Arch 372, Spring 1996


Arch 372 Spring  1996   Studio Critic:  Robert I. Selby, AIA  (

Major Emphases:

 helping Emerson Park, East St. Louis, plan for a light rail station,
related commercial development, and new housing,  as a continuous stream of
work from the School of Architecture
 documenting and publishing previous work and your work on the world wide web
 learning how to present preliminary and final  to me in cyberspace
 presenting work in cyberspace to faculty reviewers

On-site Activities:

 meetings with clients and consultants , site documentation and research as
required in programming, design, presentation phases
 work weekends to conduct fix-up, paint-up projects later in the Spring

Team Activities:

It is most likely that the studio will divide into work teams to focus on:
(first 8 weeks)
 update and publish neighborhood plan
 update and publish light rail/commercial area
 update and publish previous housing projects
(second 8 weeks)
 light rail/commercial design/design development/preliminary estimating
 single family house design/ design development/preliminary estimating (may
be one student per client, team works together on publishing best projects)
 (maybe) multi family house design/ design development/preliminary estimating

Each team will function as an individual office (or studio within a studio)
For example, each team will need someone who is primarily responsible for
graphic and text conversion to the web.  Ideally, each team would have one
good estimator.  Everyone will have an opportunity to learn how to surf the
net and what it takes to publish on the Internet.  


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Arch 372, Spring 1996

East St. Louis Action Research Project
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