ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995
cost estimates

phase I: streetscape improvements
phase II: relocating houses to washington place
phase III: new construction

phase I: streetscape improvements

Light Poles

source: Sternberg Vintage Lighting Fixtures
c/o Jeff Sloan
5801 N. Tripp
Chicago, Illinois 60646
(312) 478-4777; (312) 267-2055 fax

light poles including:

cost (contractors price):

Historical Plaques

no cost estimated


source: Green View Landscaping Co.
2616 N. Mattis Ave.
Champaign, Illinois
(217) 356-2020


ginkgo biloba - male: 'Princeton Sentry'
$161.00 /1 1/2 inch dia. (approx. 6'-0" in height)


brick source: Builders Supply Company
30 East John Street
Champaign, Illinois
(217) 384-4288

concrete source: Imperial Concrete Company Inc.
4101 Colleen Drive
Champaign, Illinois
(217) 352-1692


removal of existing concrete sidewalk and tree stumps: $6000

existing 2500 linear feet of concrete @ 5-0" wide = 157 yards of concrete (Check into recycling material through other city projects to avoid landfill fees which are estimated at $6000.00 also.)

brick pattern sidewalk: $22,500

common brick @ $0.50 / brick or $500.00 / 1000 bricks

brick pattern 4'-0" width both sides of street reduced from 5'-0" width to give additional room for trees

18 bricks / linear foot of sidewalk (may vary depending on pattern)

1250 linear feet on each side of Washington Place = a total of 2500 linear feet of sidewalk = 45,000 bricks (By planning community work weekends using volunteer labor, Olivette Park Organization could reduce amount of paid labor.)

alternative concrete sidewalk with brick edging: $15,000

1250 linear feet on each side of Washington Place = a total of 2500 linear feet of sidewalk

phase II: relocating houses to washington place

Costs of relocating houses varies tremendously case by case. Because of this, getting an realistic estimation of costs was impossible without in depth studies of actual houses. Therefore, we have put together a list of factors affecting the cost of relocating houses which can serve as guidelines. Considering the following can help the contractor by making it easier for him/her and less expensive for you. Also, relocation of historic structures will give you further information on the relocation process.

cost factors

Below are addresses meeting the initial criteria in choosing houses to be relocated. (see bibliography - Austin - Ch. 3 for case study of similar project in Detroit, MI - Corktown Neighborhood)

This selection was done with a drive-by survey and photographs. Below are listed the steps to take from here. Create a new list after each step is done:

ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995

East St. Louis Action Research Project
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