ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995

The first step  to any successful community development plan is to get the community excited,
involved, and proud.  By beginning with the well established residents of Washington Place, they
begin to read as examples, or mentors for expanding community development.  A cultural and historic
district forms certain opinions implying a place of importance, and gives the citizens something to be
proud of.  From this so many things can develop for the better of the neighborhood, be it economic
stability, safety, or simply aesthetics. 

A good community is a combination of people who care. People are Washington Place, people the Olivett Park Neighborhood, and people are East St. Louis. The three phases of development, in combination with the community can give East St. Louis a healthy, vibrant city, and safe neighborhood in Olivette Park.

ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995

East St. Louis Action Research Project
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