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ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995
phase I

streetscape details developed for phase I

Stabilize: To minimize loss and change direction in order to maintain a uniform level.

Stabilization comes from having a balance of features that holds the fabric of the community together. This proposal has been organized to do just that, by initially enhancing the overall aesthetic quality of Washington Place. In addition to improvement of its appearance, we hope to increase community interest, participation, and input into what takes place on their street, and increase its safety. Not only does the community need to be active in what is going on, they need to feel a sense of pride and spirit, which is the essence of this stabilization phase.

Phase I will include:

The proposals have been reinforced by a survey given to a variety of residents along Washington Place. By talking with the people of the community we received fantastic feedback on the needs that this particular neighborhood is seeking, as well as what they do not want to see happen. We were very pleased with the attitudes and cooperation of the residents that we talked to. Over and over we received the same impression that these home owners are satisfied with their block because there is not much crime, there is not much public traffic, neighbors have good ties with one another, and the majority of the residents keep their properties well maintained.
phase I conditions:

ARCH 372/374 Summer 1995

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