COPC Conference 1998, East St. louis

Resident Panel Presentation


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Table of Contents


Welcome and Introduction

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Presentation Structure

The Evaluation Method

The Process

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Findings from the Citizens’ Evaluation Panel

objective #1: Pursuing basic and applied research on urban policy issues confronting the East Saint Louis community

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Objective #2: Supporting the community development efforts of East Saint Louis neighborhood based organizations and municipal agencies.

Entrepreneur Vocational Training School Worked with Park Board to use facilities for training at Virginia Park Phase II- need to build school and community center near the park for training.

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What would make the university and community partnership stronger?

Objective #3: Training a new generation of civic leaders and university students skilled in participatory approaches to community planning and design

Committed Community Developers:

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Objective #4: Enhancing the planning, development and management capacity of the city's non-profit organizations and government agencies

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Leading the Emerson Park Development Corporation

Summary of Findings Dr. Lillian Parks

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What HUD can do to help

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Questions for the Panel


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