East St. Louis Action Research Project


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Table of Contents

East St. Louis Action Research Project

East St. Louis: Location

East St. Louis: History

East St. Louis: Today

ESLARP: Community-University Partnership

ESLARP: Participating Units & Funding

Projects: Illinois Avenue Playground

Projects: Farmers Market

ESLARP: Information Distribution & Sharing

ESLARP: Communication Issues

ESLARP: Internet as a connecting medium

ESLARP-net: Issues in Internet adoption for ESL

Internet: Growth, 1989-1997

Internet: Status, 1998

Internet-WWW: Fundamental technologies

Internet-WWW: Fundamental technologies

ESLARP-net Asynchrony

ESLARP-net Hypertext

ESLARP-net Multimedia

ESLARP-net Networks

Internet Evaluating the media

Internet Critical Mass

Internet Interactivity

Internet User gratification

Internet Social presence/Media richness

ESLARP: Website Rationale

ESLARP Website Status

ESLARP-net Future directions

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