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Gardening Resource Manual


A Dream Is The First Step Towards Creating Your Own Garden.....Hopefully this book will be the next step....

Feel free to contribute any articles, photos, advice or addresses that will enrich the body of gardening information in East St. Louis.

This Book Is For:

Beginning and Experienced Gardeners in East St. Louis who want to know:

And lots more...

The information included here will link you directly into the gardening network of East St. Louis. Included is a short gardening outline, and a list of names and numbers of places to call which will contribute materials, labor, and most importantly advice, towards the creation, planting, and harvesting of your garden.

Also included are photos and information on existing community gardens in East St. Louis. The gardeners would love to share their experiences in gardening, give advice on how to begin, and may even have some empty plots available.

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Gardening Resource Manual

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