East St. Louis Action Research Project

SNAP'98 survey

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  1. Have you participated in an ESLARP program or project in the last year (97-98)?
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  2. If yes, what project?

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  3. Did the overview of ESLARP provide you with enough information about the project's history and mission?
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  4. Did the individual presentations provide you with a clear understanding of the project and outcomes
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  5. Did the handouts provide you with adequate information about the project?
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  6. Did this presentation help you understand the university and community partnerships in East St. Louis
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  7. What did you learn about ESLARP that you did not know before?

  8. What did you enjoy the most?

  9. What did you find least worthwhile?

  10. What improvements would you like to suggest?

  11. Would you be interested in participating in an ESLARP sponsored project??
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