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Spring 1998 Outreach Weekends

This spring a series of volunteer activities will be taking place as part of the East St. Louis Action Research Projects. A series of:

will all bring student volunteers to the city in an effort to strengthen the partnership between citizens of East St. Louis and University of Illinois.

As in past semesters, a series of three outreach weekends have been planned to assist neighborhood groups with a variety of projects. The weekends of March 6, April 3, and April 24 will see over one hundred students from the University of Illinois campus community volunteer with Eslarp. Along with architecture, planning, and landscape architecture students who are active in Eslarp projects, two resident hall associations, and Men of Impact plan to join Eslarp outreach weekend efforts this fall.

In late March students from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. will team up during their spring break to experience community service opportunities first hand. Similarly, students from Central and Centennial High Schools in Champaign will volunteer in East St. Louis the first week of April, during their spring break. These volunteers will work to renovate the East St. Louis Farmer's Market.

Finally, Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity on the U of I campus is organizing a regional work day where student members of APO will come together on May 2 in the Emerson Park neighborhood. These students will assist the Emerson Park Development Cooperation to construct a park within their neighborhood. The park will include not only a substantial play structure for children, but a series of flower beds and landscaping elements for all to enjoy.

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Last modified: 25 February 1998, Deanna Koenigs