School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign




ARCH 475 – Arch Design & Development

Fall 2006

Professor Robert I. Selby, FAIA


This course is the fifth architectural design studio for undergraduate students.  This course will emphasize schematic design and development of a small-scale public building further emphasizing the integration of the basic elements of building; materials, details, structure, technology, program, life safety, and universal design.


This studio will be conducted as a component of the East St. Louis Action Research Project (ESLARP).  For more information about ESLARP visit:


This studio will focus on an office building in the Emerson Park Neighborhood of East St. Louis.  The scope of work includes programming, site analysis, code and zoning investigation, schematic design, design development.  Work products will include maps, drawings, models, and/or digital images, mounted on foam core for public presentations.




We will go to Emerson Park to meet with our “clients” and learn what they need….


We will be involved on Outreach Weekends which may involve conducting neighborhood such tasks as a neighborhood condition survey or a “fix-up, clean-up, paint-up” project.


We will return to campus to do preliminary design of the project


Then we will return to Emerson Park to present the projects for review and comment.  These will be individual, not team, projects. 



Schedule of Outreach Weekends in East St. Louis:

September 29-30

October 13-14

November 10-11

December 1-2

If you are unable to attend these four field trips you should not sign up for this studio. 


Your studio critic (instructor) is Robert I. Selby, FAIA.  To find out more about Professor Selby see: