East St. Louis Oral History Project:

Neighborhood Activism and Community Change

Interview with Peggy Hume from Emerson Park

Student Interviewers:  Nicole Gamboney, Rehvah Kreger, Mike O'Connor, Matt Voelker, Matt Trainor

Quotes from interview with Peggy Hume

"That was one of the best things that happened lately.  We can start putting some money back in East St. Louis I mean East St. Louis can’t work if you keep taking the money, the revenue every place else the money need to be in East St. Louis."

"I like the people when we have meetings and things the people who come out and share their ideas with us.  And they let us know what a good job they think that we are doing."

"If you wanna know anything, any kind of information, history or whatever, you take it in there they will find out, they will research for you..they’ll help you write up a certain.. particulular anything! They are such great help they really are..I’ve had to go to them for certain things, and they’ve helped, they’ve helped..."

Personal Data

Birthdate: late 1940’s
Occupation: case worker
Neighborhood Organization: EPDC


Peggy Hume was born in Mississippi and as a young child moved to Emerson Park.  Her father like many others was drawn to the then vast job market supplied by a thriving economy and community in East St. Louis.  She has watched this once booming city transform over the years into the socially and economically weakened state of today.  Peggy has continually been involved in community organizations looking to get more people involved and regain the strong sense of community and identity that was once found in East St. Louis.  Over the last 10-15 years organizations formed to revitalize the area, have had important impacts and are continually strengthening and growing.  Peggy is on the Emerson Park Community Board, she is the secretary of the EPDC, and has played a major role in these movements.

Interview With Peggy Hume

Interviewer’s Comments

Peggy’s interview displays the commitment on the part of a small group to rebuild this community.  They are looking to strengthen community involvement and participation.  People are gradually steering in this direction and showing appreciation for all of the commitment and hard work that is put into these organizations.  A major accomplishment for Peggy, was successfully lobbying the city of St. Louis to allow the Metro Link to go THROUGH East ST. Louis.  In the past East. St. Louis has been continually overlooked, rather than going above or around St. Louis has finally placed some “stock” in East St. Louis.  Once the community is further recognized in this fashion on a regular basis many doors will open.