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1.    Birth of Emerson Park Development Corporation, 1985-1987                 

Economic Restructuring • Neighborhood Decline • Abandoned Houses and Chicken Dinners


2.    Struggle for Power, 1988-1989                                                         

Early University Involvement • Community Organizing • Emerging Partnerships


3.    Partnership with the University, 1990-1994                                       

The Ceola Accords • Partnering with the University · First Neighborhood Plan • Community-based Prevention Plan • Land Banking


4.    Capacity Building, 1995-1998                                                            

Formalizing the Organization and Hiring Staff • MetroLink • Housing Rehab and New Construction • Cannady Park Renovation


5.    Building a Sustainable Neighborhood, 1999-2002                                    

Incubator: A New Community Building • Second Neighborhood Revitalization Plan • Parsons Place • YouthBuild • Regional Recognition • Future Goals


List of Interviews, Photo Credits and References   


Appendix A: EPDC Board Members, July 2001–July 2006                          

Appendix B: By-Laws of the EPDC

Emerson Park Image Collection


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We will bring it back to its full glory -- Emerson Park resident