Scope of Services


Preliminary Draft of Revised Scope of Neighborhood Planning Services


1. Establish a relationship with your community partner.



2. Inform local residents, business persons, institutional leaders and elected officials about the neighborhood planning process.



3. Invite local residents, business persons and institutional leaders to become involved in the local planning process.



4. Gather relevant Lansdowne information from the ESLARP web site and 1992 Lansdowne plan



5. Involve Local Residents in a Preliminary Assessment of Neighborhood Conditions.



6. Collect and Analyze Available Census Information for 1970-1990.



7. Collect, Enter and Analyze Local Physical Conditions Survey.


Train students and residents to complete the following physical conditions survey



8. Soliciting Local Residents' Views Regarding Future Community Development Goals, Objectives and Programs.




9. Invite local stake-holders to a Neighborhood Summit to confirm our analysis of existing conditions, confirm overall development goal, objectives and major programs and organize relevant program development issue committees.



10. Research "model programs/best practices" for each issue element of the proposed plan.



11. Prepare a preliminary draft of the plan for community review.



12. Prepare for a preliminary presentation of the community plan.



13. Organize resident participation in this community hearing.



14. Revise the plan based on resident feedback.


        Identify and make recommended changed

        Edit the document

        Review revised copy with local leaders


15. Work with local residents to prepare for a presentation of the plan before the City Planning Commission.



16. Evaluate the neighborhood planning process.