Ball, Kenneth

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Mr. Ball was born in St. Louis, Missouri on August 1, 1953. He is single and a member of Cabanne United Methodist Church. He is ambitious, honest, dependable, responsible, patient and persistent. He is the father of one daughter, Andrea.

My daughter always makes good grades in school and all of her teachers say she has a model personality. She also shows natural talent in the music and arts field. She loves the stage for she's a natural ham like me.

As a Black man in this Christian society, I have grown closer to God. Therefore, I am allowing Him to give me more direction. My greatest personal achievement is being able to start my own business. It is a piano service. I tune and repair pianos. I feel great about the progress I have made in a very short time.

ADVERSITY: An adversity in my life occurred when I turned 20. I came down with severe arthritis. After being healthy all of my life, trying to deal with this was a very hard thing to do. I had to drop out of college, I could not work. I stayed broke most of the time.

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The pain would be so bad I could not put on my own socks without help. I was determined to finish school. With a lot of help and patience on the part of my mother, my own perseverance and God's help, I was able to finish school and find a job. I dealt with the pain for eight years. I have been blessed not to have been bothered with it for more than a year. I have been making the most of it.

My occupation is serving as an instrumental music teacher and piano technician. I am employed by the St. Louis Board of Education and myself. As a music teacher, I love children and I love teaching music. As a piano tuner, I am my own man and I run it and it feels great!

I am a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and have served as their talent hunt chairman.

AWARDS: Outstanding awards I have received were being on the Dean's List at Forest Park Community College in 1971 and receiving the Outstanding Music Student Award at Forest Park in 1972.

My hobbies are weight lifting and swimming. My favorite television programs are FAME, ROOTS and THE JEFFERSONS. I like books that are informational. I rarely sit down to read novels.

DISCRIMINATION: An instance of discrimination which occurred to me happened like this: I was in Florida visiting, I started to enter a certain bar and was told not to go in by a bunch of hillbillies who were standing around. Seeing that I was a thousand miles from home - I kindly left.

As a child, I got spankings, but really don't remember anything I did of real significance.

I live in the Central West End of St. Louis. I have made good friends here, and I loved my high school experience at Soldan.

KENNETH BALL          




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