Frequent Deaths

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From the City Hospital to the corner of Seventh and Rutger streets the storm gathered itself together for a final onslaught before reaching the river. All the little tormentors were drawn into the vortex and they did not forget their work of destruction as they came from every side for blocks around. The terrible tail was drawn up into the main cloud as though for additional strength, and at Eighth street the entire mass dropped to the earth and spread dozens of whirling dealers of death to the north and south. Men and women and children died here like flies in the cold. The streets were blocked with debris, while the awful' tail whipped up and down, and from side to side like something infuriated. The tornado tarried here, but not for long. It worked fast.

From the scene of carnage on Rutger and Soulard streets, from Broadway to Eighth, and as far north as Chouteau avenue and south as Shenandoah, the tornado gathered together again and went bounding toward the river. Part of it cut loose from the main body and started on a voyage to the north over the downtown business district, but the strong army was in the cloud bound for the last stand in the battle on this side of the river. All along the bank it twisted and tore elevators and warehouses, and those the wind did not reach lightning set fire to, so that nothing or next to nothing escaped.

The storm next reached the Mississippi river, made the levee and harbor a desolate waste, blew steamers and wharves to the other shore, and lashed the water to waves of proportions never seen in this vicinity before. Above the Eads bridge the squadron that broke away in South St. Louis rejoined the main body somewhere in the stream, and the united army went into East St. Louis, scarcely tired from the long flying battle that extended over eight miles of disputed territory in the Mound City and on the river.




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