1892 Business

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Donovan-Guignon Land Title Co., Jules B. Guignon Manager, 419 Broadway

St. Clair Title Office, F. B. Bowman, manager, 120 N. Main



Frankel, Albert B.; 636 N. 8th St.

Jaeger, Fred; 555 Collinsville Ave.

Pfeiffenberger, L. & Son; 1st National Bank Bldg. Collinsville & Missouri Ave.

Wilson, George; 400 S. Main St.



Baker, Martin D.; 1st National Bank Bldg.; Collinsville and Missouri Ave.

Bartholomew, J.W.; 320 Missouri Ave.

Bennett, W.H.; 120 N. Main St.

Bowman, F.B.; 120 N. Main St.

Canby, B.H.; City Hall

Carroll, C.B.; City Hall

Carroll, M.J.; 638 N. 3rd St.

Chapin, S.P.; Commercial Bldg.

Cockrell, F.G.; 21 N. Main St.

Cockrell & Moyers; 21 N. Main St.

Corliss, George L.; 121 N. 3rd St. (Upstairs)

Davis, E.R.; 125 N. 3rd St.

Edwards & Corliss; 121 N. 3rd St.

Eggman, E.J.; 1st National Bank Bldg.

Eggman, E.W.; 1st National Bank Bldg.

Enloe, S.A.; 110 N. Main St.

Flannigen, A.; 123 N. Main St.

Freels, J.M.; Jackiesch Bldg.

Hite, L.H.; 130 N. Main St.

Howell, E.S.; 336 Broadway

Launtz, W.P.; 419 Missouri Ave.

Marcoot, L.A.; 121 N. 3rd St.

Messick, J.B.; Room 4, Jackiesch Bldg.

Messick & Rhoads; Room 4, Jackiesch Bldg.

Millard, M.; 130 N. Main St.

Moore, Henry W.; 117 N. 3rd St.

Moyers, W. N.; 21 N. Main St.

Neustadt, Charles; 101 N. 3rd St.

Ornelveny, G.F.; 823 Pennsylvania Ave.

Rafter, James J.; 119 N. 3rd St.

Rhoads, E.C.; Room 4, Jackiesch Bldg.

Williams, J.W.; 108 N. Main St.

Wise & McNulty; Rooms 5,6 and 7 Adele Bldg., Main and Broadway



Knights of Pythias; Geary's Hall

Queen City; 1303 Missouri Ave



1st National Bank; cor Collinsville and Missouri Avenues; Paul W. Abt, president; H.C. Fairbrother, vice-president; J.M. Woods, cashier; J.J. McLean, ass't cashier National Stock Yards Bank, C.G. Knox, president; G.H. Bradford, cashier



Bums, Patrick; 15 S. 3rd St.

Cashel, Charles P.; 223 N. 1st St.

Edlich, Louis; Missouri Ave. and Rockroad Koenigstein, John; cor 4th St. and Railroad Ave.

Ortgier, Wm.; 335 Collinsville Ave.

Schwart, Fred; 125 N. 6 St.



Beatty, D. B.; 321 Broadway and 317 Missouri Ave Fallan, Matt; 327 Broadway

Hellbrueck, Theodore; 515 Converse Ave.

Irwin, Geo.; 306 Market Ave.

Keese, Aug; 406 Missouri Ave.

Lange, J. C.; 104 Collinsville Ave.

Tracy, M. X.; 325 Missouri Ave.

Trebbe, H. H.; 414 Collinsville Ave.

Ziegenfuss, Henry;,522 Collinsville Ave.

Zomstein, Jacob; 915 Illinois Ave.



American Brewery, St. Louis; F.M. Priester, agent

Heim Brewery, 10th St. and Illinois Ave.; Henry C. Griesedick, Manager,

Wainwright Brewing Co., Henry Boselager, manager, 121 S. Fifth St



Kramer, Henry; 1404 Rockroad

Neis, Louis; 1404 Rockroad

Schienker, Henry; 1500 Rockroad

Schumacher, Fred; 1218 Rockroad



Cole, Frank; 742 Collinsville Ave.

Davies; D. T.; 742 Collinsville Ave.

Gehrig, Chas.; 610 N. Sixth St.

Glock, Joseph; 356 Collinsville Ave.

Huschle, Wendlein; 1412 Rockroad

Leber, Fred; 554 Collinsville Ave.

Mann, Mrs. Louis; 354 Collinsville Ave.

Rohm, Christ; 114 Collinsville Ave.

Sullivan & Cleary; Missouri Ave. near Third St.

Sullivan, J. M. & Bros.; Fourth St. and Railroad Ave. Wallace, W. J.; Collinsville Ave. near Illinois Ave.



Koch, F.H.; 619 Franklin Ave., St. Louis

Behrens & Co.; 216 Collinsville Ave.



Enterprise China Co., 520 Franklin Ave., St. Louis

Steger, F. J.; 206 Collinsville Ave.



American Catholic Episcopal; Rev. W. H. Tomlins, pastor, 512 Ohio Ave.

Baptist; Albert Duboc, pastor, 525 Brighton Place

Baptist Sec.; colored, Rev. C. Leonard, pastor, #3 Collinsville Ave.

Baptist Church; cor Brighton Place and Rockroad

Evangelical Lutheran; Rev. H. Meyer, pastor, Eighth St. near Illinois Ave.

First Christian Church; Rev. H. R. Trickett, pastor, 742 North Seventh St.

Methodist: Rev. F. L. West, pastor, 614 N. Ninth St.

Presbyterian; Rev. D. L. Temple, pastor, 533 N. Ninth St.

St. Henry's Catholic; Rev. C. Koenig, pastor, Sixth Street and Broadway

St. Mary's Catholic; Rev. John Harkins, pastor, Fourth Street and Converse Ave.

St. Patrick's Catholic; Rev. P. J. O'Halloran, pastor, Sixth St. and Illinois Ave.



Adolph, W. H.; 346 Collinsville Ave. Eisinger, Mrs. Lizzie; 210 Broadway

Kleinert, John; 307 Missouri Ave.

Knoll, C. F.; 4th and Morgan Sts., St. Louis

Saeger, Henry; 515 Railroad Ave.



Beaird, John Jr.; 100 W. Broadway

Bryden Coal Co.; 440 S. Front St.

Bott, Wm.; 442 Railroad Ave.

Consolidated Coal Co.; 222 S. Front St.

Cooper, E.; 126 N. B St.

Drury, John H.; 38 Missouri Ave.

Gartside Coal Co.; 298 S. Front St.

Glendale-Maguire Co.; S. Front St. near Short Lane

Hill, W. H.; 202 Broadway, warehouse 417 Railroad Ave.

McKinley Coal; office 300 S. Front St.

Sykes, Orlando; 23 Missouri Ave.



Horn, Ben F.; Missouri Ave. and First St.

Springmeyer, Henry, 15 N. Second St. 



Boston Dental Co.; 615 Olive St., St. Louis

Canine, R. H.; Commercial Bldg.

Chase, Dr.; Ninth & Olive Streets



Baughan, Miss Millie; 224 N. Sixth St.

Burke, Miss Maggie; 130 S. Main St.



Bader, H. F.; 323 Broadway

Gain, Jacob W. with T. Knoebel; 209 Collinsville Ave.

Heller, George G.; 10th St. and St. Louis Ave.

Heller & Traubel; Fifth St. and Missouri Ave.

Huggins, M. C.; 654 Collinsville Ave.

Knoebel, Thomas, 209 Collinsville Ave.

Kring, A.O.; 116 St. Clair Ave.

Mootz, Albert; 326 and 328 Missouri Ave.

Schlott, D. C.; 201 S. Fourth St.

Schlueter, A. G.; 401 Collinsville Ave.

Traubel, Robert; 501 Missouri Ave. .



Becker, Geo. F.; 208 Collinsville Ave.

Becker, J. P.; 310 Missouri Ave.

Beenas, Samuel; 103 Collinsville Ave.

Benton & Traub; 318 Broadway

Buerki, Henry J.; 339 Collinsville Ave.

Dillon, T. E.; 320 Broadway

Essermann, M.; 431 Collinsville Ave.

Hogan Bros.; 14 and 16 Collinsville Ave.

Horn,Gust;400 MissouriAve.

Karniner, R.; 304 Broadway

Meinsohn, John; 503 Missouri Ave.

Model Clothing Co.; 200 Collinsville Ave.

Meyers, John; 1022 St. Louis Ave.

Traub, Frederick; 318 Broadway

Way, C. H.; 441 Collinsville Ave.

Zwingmann, Mrs. Anna; 221 Collinsville Ave.



Abraham & Gerdes; 622 Collinsville Ave.

Freeman, J. M. & Co.; 416 Broadway

Gerdes & Shade; 725 Collinsville Ave.

Kemper, G. H. & Co.; 106 and 108 Collinsville Ave.

Lehan, J. E.; 721 Valentine Ave.

McHale, John; 627 S. 5 St.

McHale, T. C.; 627 S. 5 St.

Roewe, Henry; 340 Broadway

Seppi Bros.; 604 Missouri Ave.

Shade, John T.; 725 Collinsville Ave.

Sullivan, M. J.; 422 Trendley Ave.



Adam, Chas.; 400 Broadway

Mueller Bros.; 328 Broadway

Walsh, W. B.; 329 Missouri Ave.

Willard, W. G.; 302 Broadway



Ax, Fred; 301 S. Fifth St.

Becker, Louis, 427 S. Fourth St.

Beeken, D. A.; 213 Collinsville Ave.

Beykirch, Joseph; 523 Missouri Ave.

Burke, W. P.; 1305 Missouri Ave.

Buxton, J. R.; 102 Collinsville Ave.

Callais, Sylvester; cor Grand Ave. and 11th St.

Caughlan, D.W.; 443 Collinsville Ave.

Clasquin, D.; 516 Illinois Ave.

Doehler, Herman; 915 Collinsville Ave.

Dooley, Mrs. Margaret; 125 N. Second St.

Gain, John; 608 Missouri Ave.

Ganey, T. J.; 722 Ohio Ave.

Gallenbeck, A.; 1300 St. Louis Ave.

Graebell, C.; 600 S. 6th St.

Griffith, A. J.; 136 S. Main St

Hagner, R. W.; Buesse St. and Gaty Ave.

Hempe, John F.; 38 St. Clair Ave.

Hempe, H. W.; 301 S. Main St.

Hewett, W. C.; Fifth St. and Ohio Ave.

Hissrich, C. R.; 471 Collinsville Ave.

Hottes, Fred; 623 Trendley Ave.

Jalageas, J. C.; 313 Broadway

Joyce, Maurice; 316 Broadway

Kelley, Patrick; 126 S. Front St.

Klingler, Wm.; 601 Mulliken Ave.

Meints, A. M.; 224 Missouri Ave.

Moser Bros.; 210 Missouri Ave.

Oebike, H.; 329 Broadway

Oglesby, N. 607 Missouri Ave.

Oppliger & Derleth, 357 Collinsville Ave.

Peters, John, 500 Brady Ave.

Querney, Wm.; 106 S. Main St.

Roe, Richard; 545 N. Sixth St.

Scheetz, Iron; 700 Collinsville Ave.

Schroeder, 316 Missouri Ave.

Seim, Jacob; 714 W. Broadway

Smith, Mrs. C.; 404 S. A St.

Strauss, Wm.; 601 Bond Ave.

Strickler, P. J.; 301 Collinsville Ave.

Strothman, H.; 419 Broadway

Stoerger, Phillip, 1140 St. Louis Ave.

Sullivan, J. M. & Bros.; 4th St. and Railroad Ave. and

721 Collinsville Ave.

Sullivan, P.M.; 424 Trendley Ave.

Tissier, M. F.; 101 N. Third St.

Vonnahme, Joseph; 422 Missouri Ave.

Waltman, H. J.; 915 St. Louis Ave.

White, C.A.; 500 Illinois Ave.

Wies, Louis C.; 119 Collinsville Ave.

Wolfer, Anthony, 139 N. B St.



Bradford & Co.; 521 Missouri Ave.

Berkmeyer, Chas.; 216 Broadway

East St. Louis Hardware Co.; 216 Broadway

Flynt, D. H.; 435 Collinsville Ave.

Gutwald, Frank; 435 Collinsville Ave.

Gutwald & Flynt; 435 Collinsville Ave.

Hauss, Chas.; 332 Missouri Ave.

Jordan, F. B.; 402 Collinsville Ave.

Mauer, Chas.; 222 Collinsville Ave.

Schaub, George; 312 Broadway



Boggemann, J.M.; 353 Missouri Ave. Gutwald, Frank; 309 Broadway

Pope J. A.; 337 Railroad Ave.



Hager, F. P.; 205 Collinsville Ave.

Oppenheim, M.; 334 Broadway

Sulman, M.; 302 Collinsville Ave.



Hayes Bros.; 1010 Illinois Ave.

Cashel & Burns; Third St. near Broadway

Pennell, M.C.; Rockroad near Broadway

Jones, A.; 6th St. near Summit Ave.



Dustin, F. W.; 105 N. Third St.

Queen City, 305 Missouri Ave.

Reliable; 413 Collinsville Ave.



Hill, W. H.; office 202 Broadway, warehouse 417 Railroad Ave.



Bareis, F; 535 N. Sixth St.

Etzkom, G. T.; 317 Broadway

Geller, Ernst, 512 Missouri Ave.

Hermann, John A.; 1307 Missouri Ave.

Hubbard, W.; 400 S. Fourth St.

Kastner, Frank; 13 Collinsville Ave.

Mann, Mrs. Mary; 356 Collinsville Ave.

Sullivan & Cleary, 303 Missouri Ave.

Schultz, Wm.; 433 Collinsville Ave.

Staeger, Phil; 1140 St. Clair Ave.

Traub, Chas.; 1307 Missouri Ave.

Wallace & Schultz, 433 Collinsville Ave.

Weigert, Louis, 237 S. Fourth St.



Harlan, Mrs. J. M.; 353 Collinsville Ave.

McDonnell, Miss Mamie, 13 N. Main St.

Ziegenfuess, Mrs. Tillie; 552 Collinsville Ave.



Lehman, G.; 211 Collinsville Ave.

Estey & Camp; 916 Olive St., St Louis



Carter, T. M.; 327 Collinsville Ave.

Chase, Mrs. L. J.; 1112 Pennsylvania Ave.

Flaherty, Miss Lizzie, 434 N. Eighth St.

Gaudard, Ernst; 212 N. Fifth St.

Hirth, Miss Josephine; 543 Collinsville Ave.

Howel, Miss Anna; 614 N. Ninth St.

McHale, Miss Ella; 627 S. Fifth St.

Moyers, Miss Rosalie; 533 Brighton Pl.

Sack's High School; McCasland Opera House

Shone, Miss Lizzie; 705 Collinsville Ave.

Voltz, Chas.; 1117 Gaty Ave.



American Linseed; R. D. Kirkpatrick, Mgr., 301 Converse Ave.

Standard Oil; J. T. Hinch, Mgr, Water Street



Mechin, A.J.; 315 Broadway



Blinn, Gustav; 409 Missouri Ave.

Central Photo Co.; 816 N. Sixth St., St. Louis

Killion, Geo. W.; 343 Collinsville Ave.

Shields, C.H.; 208 Collinsville Ave, Commercial Bldg.



Bates, O. C.; 227 Collinsville Ave.

Boswell, W. H.; 208 Collinsville Ave.

Carr, M. S.; 320 Missouri Ave.

DeHaan, H. J.; First National Bank

Doyle, M. R.; 365 Missouri Ave.

Dwyer, J. W. B.; 347 Missouri Ave.

Eggmann, J. P.; 410 Converse Ave.

Fairbrother, H. C.; 513 Missouri Ave. and 500 N. 10th.

Fekete, Alexander, 322 Collinsville Ave.

Green, Mc Q.; 718 N. Sixth St.

Gundlach, George; 419 Missouri Ave.

Harkins, D.; 419 Missouri Ave.

Illinski, A. X.; 320 Missouri Ave.

Kirsch, F.; 358 Rockroad

McLean, W. H.; 9 Collinsville Ave.

Neagle Institute; 720 1/2 Pine St., St. Louis

Porter, J. H.; 523 Trendley Ave.

Stack, J. P.; 617 Summit Ave.

Strecker, C. F.; 705 Illinois Ave.

Teague, T. J.; 612 N. Seventh St.

Thompson, Eugene; 320 Missouri Ave.

Twitchell, R.A.; 426 S. Fourth St.

West, E.J.; 453 Collinsville Ave.

Wiggins, J.L.; 18 N. Main St.

Wilhelm, C.F.; 13 N. Main St.

Woods, Alexander, 501 Collinsville Ave.



Blackburn, John, 355 Missouri Ave.

City Plumbing Co.; John McIntyre, Mgr., 417 Missouri Ave.

(Note: City Plumbing was taken over by my Grandfather, John C. English, and my

uncle, Ed Maher, in 1902. Later, my uncles Walter English and James English would run

City Plumbing Co. at 634 Missouri Ave.)



Bowman, F. B.; 120 N. Main St.

Brooks, C. E.; McCasland Opera House

Fekete, Thomas L.; 333 Missouri Ave.

Gross, Voss & Co.; 108 N. Main St.

Guignon & Greenwood; 417 Broadway

Hart, W. L.; McCasland Opera House

Horsey, Chas.; 604 Illinois Ave.

McCasland, C. D.; McCasland Opera House

McCasland, C.O.; McCasland Opera House

McCasland, J. T.; McCasland Opera House

McCasland, W. A.; McCasland Opera House

McLean & Griswold; 303 Broadway

Mechin, J.; 716 N. Sixth St.

Renshaw, J. W.; 106 N. Main St.

Sage, David S.; 315 Missouri Ave.

Sexton, Henry D. & Bro.; 21 N. Main St.

Sikking, J. B. & Son; 130 Collinsville Ave. Scherrer & Son, Main St. & Broadway

Stone, M. T.; Hagan Opera House, St. Louis

Van Biarcorn, W. D.; 10 Collinsville Ave. Waddingham, W.; 321 Collinsville Ave.

Wagner, Philip H.; Adele Bldg.

Walrath, C. L.; 3rd St. and Broadway

Wood, A. B.; 725 Walnut Ave.



DeWolf, D.; 1 Missouri Ave.

Erickson, Mrs. H.; 322 Missouri Ave.

Kenner, Mrs. Julia; 124 Broadway

Klipfel, George; W. Broadway

Mead, Mrs. Hannah; 127 N. 3 St.

Silver Moon; B.M. Leady; 322 Broadway

Tuttle, Frank; 204 Missouri Ave.

Wies, J. J.; Relay Depot

Wilkins, B. D.; Race Track

Wise, J.S.; National Hotel



Boughan, H.C.; 19 S. Main St.

Columbia Corrugating Co.; 119 N. Second St.

Cunningham, Walter; 526 Converse Ave.

Gilsonite Roofing & Paving Co.; Wainwright Bldg., St. Louis

Murphy, P.H.; Division Ave. near Belt Railroad



Adler, Henry; 723 Valentine Ave.

Bailey, Eugene; 218 Missouri Ave.

Bailey, Homer; 458 Collinsville Ave.

Bailey, J. D.; 719 Collinsville Ave.

Baldwin, Patrick; 100 N. B St.

Baudendistel, Ignatz; Brooklyn Road

Becker, C. J.; 428 Brady Ave.

Becker, Louis; 427 S. Fourth St.

Binder, Louis; 1000 Rockroad

Bird, Mark; 600 Collinsville Ave.

Brew, James T.; 1009 N.10 St.

Buecjmann, D. J.; 724 W. Broadway

Burke, James W.; 214 St. Clair Ave.

Burke, Thomas; Second St. and Missouri Ave. Bums, J. E.; 310 N. Front St.

Canavan, Thomas J.; 601 Brady Ave.

Carpenter, C. M.; 716 S. Sixth St.

Claes, Mrs. B.; 130 S. Front St.

Clanton, J.W.; 138 St. Clair Ave.

Clerer, Conrad; 1214 Rockroad

Connors, James; 327 S. Fourth St. Donovan, James; 600 W. Broadway Geary, M. F.; 126 N. Main

Geppert, Joseph; 1301 Missouri Ave. Giedeman, T. J.; 129 Collinsville Ave. Halloran, Pat; 100 St.     Clair Ave.

Hickey, T.; 472 N. Front St.

Horrigan, Terrence; 212 Missouri Ave. Kraus, Louis; 300 Broadway

Lynch, James; 316 N. Front St.

McGlynn, John W.; 26 St. Clair Ave. Meehan Bros.; 1401 Walnut Ave.

Mehlig, Louis; 600 Pennsylvania Ave. Menges, Mrs. Caroline; 8 W. Broadway

Mooney, G. H.; 727 Valentine Ave.

Muenteferring, John; 420 Missouri Ave.

Parle, John; 1201 Missouri Ave.

Reynolds, Thomas; 300 Collinsville Ave.

Ryan, John J.; Railroad Ave. and Piggott Alley

Sullivan, J. M.; Fourth St. and Rockroad

Sweeney, Ted; 215 Broadway

Wachtel, Fred; Missouri Ave. at Second St.

Wyatt & Chamlin; 100 W. Broadway

[Note: 100 West Broadway was the address of Bush's Steak House which was operated by my brother Jack English and myself from 1946 to 1957.]



Brown Bros., Smith & Co.; Exchange Bldg.

Coddington, Eugene; Exchange Bldg.

Daly, C. C. & Co.; Exchange Bldg.

Daniel, T. J.; Exchange Bldg.

Dunn, William; Exchange Bldg.

Evans, Snyder, Buell & Co.; Exchange Bldg.

Hayes, Matt; Exchange Bldg.

Keys, C. M. & Co.; Exchange Bldg.

Lindsay, Rufus P.; Exchange Bldg.

Little & Broderick; Exchange Bldg.

Malone, John P.; Exchange Bldg.

Mannion, Thos.; Exchange Bldg.

McCormack, C. A.; Exchange Bldg.

Means, Z. T.; Exchange Bldg.

Metcalf, T. A.; Exchange Bldg.

Metcalf, James; Exchange Bldg.

Metcalf, West K.; Exchange Bldg.

Mills, Hugh; Exchange Bldg.

Moody, James, Exchange Bldg.

Owens, C. L.; Exchange Bldg.

Scaling & Tamblin; Exchange Bldg.

Stewart & Overstreet; Exchange Bldg.

Tarleton, Moody & Co.; Exchange Bldg.

Turpin, Frank; Exchange Bldg.

White, C. E.; Exchange Bldg.

White, T. H.; Exchange Bldg.



Robinson, E. J.; 119 S. Main St.

Galloway, E. P.; 119 S. Main St.



Ancient Order of Hibernians, 417 Missouri Ave.

A O U W, Geary's Hall

Progressive Council No. 11 17A L of H, Launtz's Hall

C K of I, Branch No. 2; St. Patrick's Hall

C K of I, Branch No. 44; St. Mary's Hall

Eureka Council Chosen Friends; Launtz's Hall

Father Matthew's Temperance; St. Mary's Hall

McDowell Post, G A R; Launtz's Hall

I O O F; Jackiesch Hall

Knights and Ladies of Honor No. 481; Launtz's Hall

Knights of Labor No. 3835; Launtz's Hall

Knights of Labor No. 9125; Launtz's Hall

Knights of Labor No. 3976; Launtz's Hall

Knights of Pythias; Geary's Hall

Knights of Wisemen No. 2; Launtz's Hall

Knights of Labor D A No. 206; Launtz's Hall

Woman's Relief Corps No. 82; Launtz's Hall

Masons, Beatty's Hall

Sons of Veterans No. 174; Launtz's Hall

Switchman's Mutual Aid; Launtz's Hall

Western Catholic Union, St. Henry's Hall

YMCA Association, Hall near Relay Depot



Auer, Emanuel; 1606 Missouri Ave. Schroeder, George; 919 Illinois Ave.



Armstrong, F. H.; 602 Missouzi Ave.

Niederfeldt, B. H.; 412 N. Fifth St.

Niederfeldt, Henry; 419 N. Fifth St.



Esterley Harvester Co.; J. H. Crandall, agent, 110 N. Second St.

Hackmann, F.W. & Co.; 101 N. Second St.



Derleth, Chas. G.; 355 Collinsville Ave.

Eckhold, Chas.; 315 Broadway

Graves, Chas.; 214 Missouri Ave.

Mechin, A. J.; 315 Broadway

Meehin, J. & Son; 315 Broadway

Mengel, W. T.; 355 Collinsville Ave.

Sauer, Chas.; 100 Collinsville Avenue

Wuille, Mrs. Arnold; 306 Broadway



Gain, Jacob; 1407 Missouri Ave.

Koenigstein, John; cor Railroad Ave. and Fourth St.

Winkle, Henry; 125 N. Sixth St.



Sternkopf, Henry; 306 Brady Ave.




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