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1698 French missionaries, led by Francis Jolliet de Montigny arrive at Cahokia

1699 Father St. Cosmé and two Jesuits build a church at Cahokia

1764 Pierre Laclede Liguest and Col. Auguste Chouteau settle at St. Louis

1765 Cahokia passes in the hands of the British after French and Indian War

1770 (About) Richard McCarty establishes St. Ursule on site of East St. Louis


1772) Floods recorded at Cahokia


1790 St. Clair County organized by Governor St. Clair

1792 Captain Piggot erects a bridge over Cahokia Creek

1795 Captain Piggot establishes the first ferry

1800 Formation of Bloody Island

1810 First house of any pretention built in East St. Louis by Etienne Pensoneau

1817 Illinois Town founded

1817 Illinois City founded

1817 First duels fought on Bloody Island

1819 Samuel Wiggins succeeds to Captain Piggot’s ferry boat

1828 First steam ferry used by Wiggins

1832 First blooded stock brought into this part of the country by Joseph Boneau

1837 First railroad west of Alleghenies run from Illinois Town to bluffs

1842 American Bottom Gazette founded by Vital Jarrot

1844 Floods

1852 Ground broken for Ohio & Mississippi Railway

1858 Floods

1859 First incorporation of Illinois Town

1861 New charter for Illinois Town; name changed to East St. Louis

1865 January 17. City charter for East St. Louis; organization of city government;

East St. Louis incorporated as a city

1865 March. Grading and paving of streets and alleys

1865 June 19. Public square laid out

1866 Epidemic of cholera

1867 June 3. Board of Health organized

1869 Filling of streets

1872 East St. Louis Public Library started

1872 St. Louis National Stockyards started

1872 Fire Department started

1873 Howe Institute started

1874 July 1. East St. Louis Gas Light & Coke Co. established

1874 July 18. East St. Louis Railway Co. organized

1874 March. Railroad Frog & Switch Co. established

1874 East St. Louis & Carondelet Railway started

1874 East St. Louis Foundry opened

1874 Eads Bridge opened

1874 June 1. Justice J.C. Brady drives the first horse over Eads Bridge

1875 Hyer Bros. Establish glucose works at head of island—present site of waterworks

1875 Illinois City becomes part of East St. Louis

1876 Cahokia citizens decide to sell ancient lands

1879 Western Live Stock Journal established by H. D. O’Brien

1881 First granitoid pavement

1885 January 30. Waterworks ordinance passed

1885 October 19. East St. Louis Live Stock Exchange organized at yards

1885 November 20. Ex-Mayor B. Bowman assassinated at Tenth and College

1886 February 14. New Brighton annexed to East St. Louis

1886 November 2. General election law adopted

1886 April 9. Riot on Cahokia Bridge. Six killed.

1887 November 5. Ordinance passed making Illinois City a part of East St. Louis

1889 January 20. East St. Louis Journal launched, with J.W. Kirk, editor and proprietor

1890 February 8. City lighted by electricity for first time

1890 April 19. Opening of the Merchants’ Bridge

1890 April 24. St. Clair County Centennial

1890 June 1. St. Mary’s Hospital dedicated

1891 February 14. First electric streetcar passes from the river up Broadway from                      Collinsville Ave. to stockyards

1892 August 3. New library opened at Eighth and Broadway

1893 July 1. Eads and Merchants’ Bridges consolidated

1894 June 13. Retail Clerks’ Association organized

1895 Rock High School dedicated

1896 May 27. Cyclone strikes East St. Louis, killing 108 and wounding several hundred persons

1898 October 22. Cornerstone of Henrietta Hospital laid

1900 January 19. City Hall dedicated

1901 April 16. New Relay Depot opened

1901 May 5. Illinois State Trust Co. organized

1901 June 4. East St. Louis Trust & Savings Bank organized

1901 June 21. Union Trust Co. organized

1901 July 9. Knights of Columbus organized

1901 November 13. Ground broken for new Armour packing plant

1902 February 18. Winstanley annexed to East St. Louis

1903 January 9. Railway Steel Spring Co. starts building

1903 January 12. Diehm-Fansler Grocery Co. locates first wholesale grocery

1904 October 3. Citizen’s Savings Bank & Trust Co. opened

1908 August 22. Park district established

1909 June 21. New Lincoln High School dedicated

1910 January 28. New Federal Building opened. Address by President Taft

1910 March 5. Cantine Township organized

1910 August 15. First dirt turned for big levee

1910 November 10. McKinley Bridge formally opened

1917 Race riot

1919 April. Change to commission form of government


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