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East St. Louis, Illinois


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Railroad Stations: Relay Depot, 14 Missouri Ave. For Baltimore & Ohio R.R., Chicago and Alton R.R., Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy R.R., Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis R.R., Cotton Belt Route, Illinois Central System, Louisville & Nashville R.R. Co., Mobile & Ohio R.R., Southern Railway System, Missouri Pacific Lines, and Pennsylvania R.R. Spring Avenue and Front Street for Nickel Plate Road. More frequent service on most roads at Union Station, 18th and Market Streets, St. Louis, Mo. Taxi fare, about 50 cents.

Steamboat Landing: In St. Louis, on waterfront at foot of Eads Bridge for local excursion lines.

Airports: Curtis Airport, three miles south of city and east of Route 3, for American Air Lines to Chicago daily (summer only). Parks Airport, three miles south on Route 3, for sightseeing only.

Bus Stations: For De Luxe Motor Stages, 506 Missouri Ave.; for Greyhound Lines and St. Louis, Red Bud, and Chester Motor Busses, 505 Missouri Ave.; for M. K. & O., Santa Fe Trailways, Jacksonville Bus Line, and Vandalia Bus Line, 500 Missouri Ave.; for St. Clair Bus Line, 628 Missouri Ave.

Local Busses: Intra-city rate, two tokens for 15 cent. To St. Louis, 15 cents. To Granite City, 21 cents. To Belleville, 25 cents.

Accommodations: Eleven hotels.

Traffic Regulations: Speed limit, 20 m.p.h. business district, 25 in the semi-business district, 35 in the residential district. Signs at intervals indicate speed limit in various zones. Parking limit, 15 minutes in business district on Collinsville, Missouri, and St. Louis Avenues.

Recreation: Golf: Lake Park, 6100 Lake Drive. Tennis: Jones Park, 21st and Caseyville Ave. Lincoln Park (Negro), 16th and Trendley. Swimming: Lake Park (free), 6100 Lake Drive; Jones Park (free), 29th and Caseyville Ave. Theaters: Two motion picture houses in downtown area, neighborhood shows scattered throughout city. Steamboat Excursions: Excursion steamers leave from the foot of Market St. in St. Louis each evening during the summer season.

Shopping: The shopping area is concentrated along Collinsville Ave. from Broadway to St. Clair Ave.

Street Order and Numbering: The principle avenues, Missouri, St. Louis, Bond, Broadway, and State Street, run parallel to the SE. Numbered streets running NW and SW intersect the avenues. Broadway divides the city into north and south. State St., originating at the wedge formed by the intersection of 10th St. and Illinois Ave., is the principal thoroughfare of the residential district.

The following streets are intra-city continuations of state and national highways: 9th St. (US 40 and US 67); St. Clair Ave. (US 50); State St. (Ill. 15); Bond Ave. (Ill. 13), and 8th St. (Ill. 3). 10th St. running SW leads directly to Municipal Bridge (toll 10 cents) and is the transriver connection for US Highways 40, 50, 66, and 67.

Notable Events: Lady of the Lake Pageant, held at a varying date in September, at Jones Park, 29th and Caseyville. The pageant, marking the close of the children’s playground season, features water floats and a fireworks display.


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