Darling Fertilizer

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Darling and Company have been in the fertilizer business some forty years and have a plant located on Route 3 in Monsanto. This plant was built in 1922. The plant proper is constructed entirely of steel and is housed in one building 600 feet long and 100 feet wide. The mills and mixers are located at one end of the building. The base material is phosphate rock found in Tennessee., Florida and South Carolina. The raw material is unloaded from cars into a hopper by means of a power shovel. From there it is carried by conveyor to the crusher and ground to a very small size. Then it goes to mixers where it is treated with sulfuric acid, then carried to a large storage area where it is allowed to dry. It is then called super-phosphate and is the base for all types of fertilizers. From there it is moved by means of overhead electric cranes with clam shell dippers to various parts of the building where it is mixed with other materials to make the finished product. The capacity of the plant is 1,000 tons a day.




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