ESL Businesses

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Sketches of ESL Businesses

East St. Louis, Columbia, and Waterloo RR
American Steel Foundry
Mepham Paint Company
The National Stock Yards
The Majestic Theater
Sterling Steel Casting Company
O'Leary's Tavern
Westcott Valve Company
Key Boiler Company
Union Savings Bank
List of East St. Louis's Many Theaters
Pioneer Box Company
The Fertilizer Industry
Sendelbach Wheel Co.
East St Louis Bridge Co.
Southern Illinois/C.L. Gray Construction
T.J. Moss Tie Company
Elliot Frog and Switch Co.
American Asphalt Roof
Intercoastal Paint
Corno Feeds
Sandusky Barrel Co.
Carter Bros. Ice and Fuel
Virginia-Carolina Farm Fertilizer
Southern Malleable Iron Co.
Darling Fertilizer
East St. Louis Castings
Midwest Rubber Reclaiming Co.
Hill Brick Co.
Kurrus Funeral Home


List of ESL Businesses on Major Streets - 1960



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