Hill Brick

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Hill Brick Company is located at 51st and St. Clair. Leon Schranz Trucking later locates directly across the street. By 195 the Shamrock Night Club, Green Hat Motel and Stop Light Tavern were about 8 blocks east of Hill Brick on St. Clair.

Clay is obtained from pits in the bluffs near French Village and hauled to the plant by the St. Louis & O'Fallon Railroad. At the pits, holes are drilled and the shale is blasted out. A Marion electric shovel is then used to sort the shale from the clay overburden and load it into hopper-bottomed gondolas. The cars are loaded at the pit with the proportion of shale and clay required, so that no sorting is necessary on arrival at the plant. At the plant the material is dumped into a hopper from which I the aggregate is carried by conveyors to the dry pan, where it is crushed to the proper size, falls through screens, and is then conveyed to an overhead storage hopper. From the storage hopper the aggregate runs by gravity to the pug mill and is mixed with water to obtain the proper consistency. From the pug mill the mixture is forced through dies of the proper size onto the cutting table, where it is cut into bricks. From the cutting table the green bricks travel on a belt conveyor from which they are loaded onto the drying racks, then run into the dry room and allowed to dry. After drying, the bricks are loaded into the kilns, which have a capacity of 90,000 bricks each, and are burned to the proper hardness. Pyrometers are installed in all kilns so that the proper temperature for each kind of brick can be maintained.




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