Intercoastal Paint

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Intercoastal Paint, located at 1248 Walnut, manufactures paint used only for industrial purposes. Almost every batch is for a special application and must be developed and tested in the laboratory before production starts. Several interesting applications at the plant have been worked out for the auto industry. Intercoastal developed a heavy paint to be applied on body panels to eliminate the annoying metallic "ring" caused by jars and vibrations, In another instance they developed a chassis paint that dried in twelve minutes to allow for speedy production.

191-intercoastlpaint.tif (65339 bytes) Also, the Corporation developed a product to reduce the cost of rust and scale removal from ship hulls. This product loosens the scale by chemical action to such an extent that it drops off in huge layers. Each particular paint is first made up in the laboratory.

It is then applied to metal or wood test slides and placed in a weathering This machine uses a powerful arc lamp to produce the effect which the sun has on paints. A water spray system and electric heaters provide the humidity and temperatures to which the samples will be subjected. A few hours' test of the samples with this machine is equivalent to a year of actual weathering conditions.

Intercoastal originated in East St. Louis and now has a branch factory in Baltimore to satisfy the needs of the Eastern Market.




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