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(courtesy of Alan Cox)


1. Every building, room. vessel, yard, garden or other structure used for the purpose of gambling is declared to be a public nuisance.

2. No person shall engage in dice, cards, faro, roulette, slot machines for the purpose of gambling. Persons violating this ordinance shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than two hundred dollars for each offense.

3. It shall be unlawful for any large domestic animal such as a horse, cow, mule, pig or goat to run free within the corporate limits of the city.

4. No person licensed in the business of selling drugs shall sell or deal in vinous, intoxicating or fermented liquors.

5. No person shall boil any pitch, tar, turpentine or resin within the city unless at least thirty feet distant from other buildings.

6. The sale of any lottery or bill or policy to share in any prize is prohibited.

7. Places used for the purpose of dog or cock fighting are prohibited and subject to a fine of up to one hundred dollars an offense.

8. The standard elevation of the concrete monument marked CD (City Datum) and placed at the Northeast comer of the East pier of the Eads Bridge shall be 100 feet.

9. It shall be required to bury any person who dies from an infectious disease in a water and air tight casket.

10. It is the duty of every person who discovers a dead body to report such discovery to the department of health.

11. No person may bury the body of a dead horse, cow, mule, pig, goat, sheep or dog anywhere within the limits of the city.

12. It is unlawful for any person to take decaying or rotting food from any refuse box or barrel in any street or alley and attempt to sell the garbage for profit.

13. No person or corporation shall pile ... manure within the city limits in an offensive manner.

14. It shall be unlawful to sell milk from which the cream has been removed unless clearly identified as skimmed milk.

15. No person shall offer for sale in the city any calf, pig, or lamb less than eight weeks old at the time it was killed for food.

16. Any person who desires to be a night scavenger and remove the contents of privy vaults must secure a license from the city,

17. No person shall use a packing or slaughter house for the purpose of sleeping or living quarters.

18. All mercantile and manufacturing establishments must provide seats for female employees.

19. Any person who shall cause injury to any book at the public library shall be fined not less than five dollars.

20. Every person keeping a saloon or dramshop in the city shall be required to pay five hundred dollars per annurn in advance.

21. No licensed saloon or dramshop keeper shall give or sell spirits or intoxicating liquors to any female unless such female be the licensee or the wife of the licensee.

22. All saloons and dramshops are required to close from twelve midnight to five a.m., and all blinds, curtains or shades must be raised or open. Such premises shall remain closed on Sundays and election days.

23. No whistle, bell, gong, drum, horn or similar mechanical device may be used to advertise goods or merchandise for sale.

24. If any person within the city shall challenge another to a fight or use any profane or offensive language, the offending person shall be fined a minimum of five dollars for breach of the peace.

25. It shall be unlawful to carry any concealed pistol, sling shot, metallic knuckles, bowie knife, dirk or razor.

26. It is unlawful to place any torpedo or bomb on the tracks of any railway streetcar system or steam railway.

27. No person shall keep a house of ill-fame or assignation, or place for the practice of fornication.

28. No person shall sell or give away literature relating to diseases peculiar to females, or diseases of the genital organs, or about articles (devices) or means of preventing conception.

29. No person in the city limits shall indecently let any horse to mare or bull to cow within the public view.

30. Any person who is deformed or mutilated so as to be an unsightly or disgusting manner shall not expose himself to public view.

31. No person shall allow any bear or other dangerous wild animal to run at large.

32. No person shall erect a fence or railing so as to allow spikes or nails to protrude.

33. No person shall cast or throw an orange or banana rind on any sidewalk in the city.

34. No person within the city shall keep a place or room for the purpose of smoking or inhaling opium.

35. No person shall fasten any mule or horse to a shade tree upon any street or public place.

36. All persons who are idle and dissolute, or who go about begging are declared to be vagabonds and shall be fined not to exceed one hundred dollars for each offense.

37. No person shall spit on a public sidewalk, railway platform, elevator or floor, steps or walls of any public building.

38. No streetcar shall be allowed to attain a speed of more than ten miles an hour.

39. All itinerant sellers and hawkers using scales for merchandise shall have the devices inspected and approved by a city inspector for accuracy.




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