Pioneer Box Co

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Pioneer Box Company - 1935


Pioneer Box Company, located at 1101 Converse, was established in 1914. In 1922 it merged with several other companies to form General Box Company. Each of the merging companies maintained their original names with a general office in Chicago. The Pioneer Division manufactures a wire-bound veneer box in various shapes and sizes for shipment or industrial needs.

187-pioneerbox.tif (203874 bytes) The company serves businesses within a radius of one hundred and fifty miles of East St. Louis.   The plant has a maximum output of ten thousand 105 lb. meat boxes used in the packing industry.

One year's output, if placed end to would mean a row of boxes from New York City to San Francisco. The wood chiefly used is gum, although some pine 1umber comes to the plant in thin sheets of veneer. They are sawed to the size needed for the particular job. Then if any printing is required on the boxes the sawed sheets are taken by factory truck to the stapling machine where the flat sections are made. All that is necessary to assemble the box is to fold the sections together and twist the wires. These boxes are stored knocked down in flat forms.




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