Sendelbach Wheel

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Sendelbach Wheel - 1934


This firm, extensive manufacturers of wheels for every type of vehicle, located at the comer of Second and Division Streets, was established in 1904. The company had two branch establishments, one at Corey, Ill, employing 20 men; and one at Riley Lake, Ill, employing about 60 men. The East St. Louis plant employs 75 men. The company, of which Ed C. Sendelbach is president and treasurer, was incorporated for $40,000 and their products are shipped all over the United States. Their wheels were manufactured of hickory and white oak lumber and were considered the best in the market. The company also introduced a new wood called Son Ave wood (grown in southern Illinois) which was extensively used in the manufacture of all kinds of high grade furniture. Mr. Sendelbach was elected first president of the Commercial Club.




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