Viginia-Carolina Fertilizer

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The Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company, whose main offices are in Richmond, Virginia, built a new plant in Fain City next to Route 111. The site was selected because of the city's strategic geographical location to serve the Midwest market and the plant was built in 1932. The products are commercial fertilizers suitable for the soil and crops grown in the Mississippi Valley. The main building is 370 feet long and 200 feet wide. It was designed to facilitate the handling of both raw and finished materials. Raw materials are delivered by rail in carload lots at the northeast side of the building. Here they are unloaded and transferred to storage bins from which they are carried by means of an overhead tram system in motor-driven dump cars of a ton and one-half capacity to the various parts of the building where the base materials for the various analyses are stored.

From the storage piles the base is conveyed to mixing machines where other materials are added to complete the formula by the purchaser. From the mixing machines the completed product is carried to bagging machines, made ready for and loaded into the cars from the southwest side of the building. The plant is capable of turning out twenty carloads of bagged fertilizer daily.




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