Wescott Valve

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Wescott Valve Company


Wescott Valve, located at 22nd and Bond, made gate valves for oil field use all over the world. It's products were shipped to places such as the Soviet Union, Venezuela, the Middle East, Mexico and Romania. It was estimated in 1935 that half of all the valves in use throughout the world came from the East St. Louis plant. Some of the valves were as big as a grown man and most were custom made with the entire process, from beginning to end, taking place on the premises. Arthur V. Wadsworth was President of the company in 1935 and he lived at 9614 West Main in Belleville. Henry Wescott, the founder of the company died in New York in 1923 and was replaced by Paul Schlafly, who was also Chairman of the Board at Union Trust and resided and lived on Granvue Drive. He held that position until being replaced by his Vice-president, Arthur Wadsworth. Mr. Wadsworth moved to East St. Louis in 1923 to accept the number two position in the company. Wadsworth's eldest son ran the company's branch office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.




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