Illinois Vignettes

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Illinois Vignettes

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These short articles can serve as an introduction to Illinois history.   While not all of them immediately pertain to East St. Louis, they might serve to remind readers of the larger contexts in which the local events discussed elsewhere in these pages took place.


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The Steamboat Era in Illinois

Illinois: The French Connection

French Settlement

The British Interlude

Illinois Internal Improvements Act of 1837

A New Era in Transportation

An Immigrant's Voyage: Germany to Illinois, 1851

The Illinois Central Railroad: How to Build a State

Building the Illinois Central: Cooperation between Government & Industry

Illinois Railroad Boom, 1865-1873

Railroad Strike of 1877

Railroad Labor on the Illinois Central

Diversity on the Prairie: Immigrants in Illinois

"Dance or be Hanged": The Prager Case and WWI

Southern Illinois Gangs in the Prohibition Era

The Piasa Bird

Mr. Dickson's Bones

Prehistoric "New York City" located in Illinois

Prehistoric Man in Illinois



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