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East St. Louis, The Way It Is, 1990



Ruben L. Yelvington



Top's Books
P.O. Drawer C
Mascoutah, IL 622359
(618) 744-0094


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Table of Contents





Meet the Author


Mayor Carl Officer

Marion Officer (his father)

State Rep. Wyvetter Younge

Township Supervisor Will McGaughy

First Illinois Bank Pres. Bob Cassing

Union Bank Pres. Ron Wallace

Sen. Alan Dixon

Wally Carson

U.S Rep. Jerry Costello

SIUE Pres. Earl Lazerson

State's Attorney John Baricevic

County Board Chair Francis Touchette

Former Politico Charles Merritts

Landowner Philip Cohn

Stockyards President Beulah Penry

Tax Assessor Sam Flood

Financial Consultant Robert Vancil

Housing Authority Consultant Ruth O'Sullivan

Park Superintendent Leonard Johnson

School Supt. Dr. Lillian A. Parks

More by Robert Vancil

Politico Elmo Bush

Chief of Detectives Lester Anderson

Asst. State's Attorney Scott Mansfield

Oliver Hendricks, Dept. of Revenue

State Sen. Kenneth Hall

Warrington Hudlin, SCC Board Chair

East St. Louis: In the News

What Happened to East St. Louis?


Photo Tours

Note to Readers



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