Out of the Ashes of East St. Louis

This is the Phoenix page of the EGRETS web site. It was developed with the intent of exhibiting some of the accomplishments and contributions that people from East St. Louis have made to society.

Sankofa is a West African concept which means "to go back and fetch what is lost". This means that in order for anyone to move forward they must have a knowledge of where they have been in the past. Included in that knowledge is an awareness of what accomplishments have been made by others who have come before you.

This site currently focuses on a panorama of artists and athletes from East St. Louis who have prevailed and made significant achievements in life and have often contributed back to the community in which they have come from. You will find pictures, bios, and other links on this web page. This site is by no means comprehensive. It will continue to grow as more people take interest and contribute to its development.

Enjoy and be inspired by the lives of people from East St. Louis. People that chose not to allow their environment to dictate to them who they were, or what they had the capability to do. Instead their dedication beliefs allow them to rise above the ashes to a height at which they have become a shining beacon for all to see what a person with drive and vision from East St. Louis can be.

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