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LA 236 Spring 1998

Public Art in Metro-Link Transit Station at Emerson Park, East St. Louis

In Urban Landscape studio conducted by Amita Sinha in Spring ‘98, students spent five weeks on designing for public art in the proposed metro-link transit station plaza at Emerson Park. This is part of a larger effort in the three units through ESLARP to focus on the neighborhood. In Spring ‘96, ARCH 372, taught by Prof. Robert Selby, addressed Transit Oriented Development issues in Emerson Park. Three design teams worked on design of metro-link transit station and retail services around it. These projects were instrumental in convincing the Mayor to extend metro-link through the neighborhood.


Bi-state Proposal

The Bi-state Development Agency’s proposal for Emerson Park locates the transit station at the intersection of Bowman Avenue and 15th Street. This ‘park and rode’ station provides parking for 863 cars and berthing spaces for 10 buses. There is provision for automobile related retail, convenience retail, and high and medium density single family residential development. A plaza with a detention basin is proposed overlooking the transit station and the adjoining building for community activities and retail functions. Public art, managed by Arts-in-Transit program of the Bi-state, has to incorporated in the design.


Presently the site is surrounded by multi-family public housing and two Church in the adjacent blocks. Construction of the metro-link station has begun. It is anticipated that this facility will act as a catalyst for investment in housing and retail development in Emerson park since the neighborhood has a high rate of vacancy. See LA 338, UP 378, and ARCH 372/374 home pages.


Design Goals

Four design projects are discussed below. Their themes are: cultural resources (jazz music); site features (power tower and tracks), and environmental resources (urban infrastucture).

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Last modified: 7 July 1998