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LA 338/Arch 372/UP 378 | Architecture  Landscape Architecture  Urban & Regional Planning  | University of Illinois
Course Information        LA 236/338 Design Workshop            Spring 2001
instructor:  gary kesler, fasla  ....   interim department head  ....  333-0176 .... g-kesler@uiuc.edu

Master Planning to enhance quality of life in
East St. Louis—
Lansdowne Neighborhood Revitalization

This course is a LA Design Workshop working collaboratively with an Urbana Planning Workshop taught by Janni Sorensen (UP 378) and an Architecture Studio taught by Professor Robert Selby, AIA, (Arch 372).  The studio will be conducted in association with the East St. Louis Action Research Project (ESLARP).  To become familiar with East St. Louis and the work of previous classes, visit the ESLARP website at the following address:   http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/

We will be working with a community based organization in the Lansdowne neighborhood of East St. Louis.  Interdisciplinary teams of students from landscape architecture, architecture, and urban & regional planning, will be assembled to work on all stages of the project.


Lansdowne Neighborhood Improvement Plan : Strategies for Revitalizing the Lansdowne Neighborhood of East St. Louis. Illinois - Spring 2001


Principles of Neighborhood Physical Planning and Design

Final Designs

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Gary Kesler, FASLA
Associate Professor and Interim Head
Department of Landscape Architecture
101 Buell Hall
611 Taft Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-6921
Ph:  217.333.0176
Fx:  217.244.4568
Em: g-kesler@uiuc.edu