Lynne Dearborn, Visiting Lecturer, School of Architecture
Laura Lawson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Robert I. Selby, AIA, Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Janni Sorensen, Doctoral Student, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  Colleen Blomgren, Senior, Architecture
Andrea Bosshardt, Senior, Architecture
Parul Choudhary, Visiting Student, Urban and Regional Planning
JaeWoo Chung, Junior, Landscape Architecture
Roselyn Cleveland, Graduate Student, Urban and Regional Planning
Alisha Cox, Senior, Architecture
Derek Deschler, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Amy Flairty, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Paul Fyle, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture
Jennie Grobe, Senior, Urban and Regional Planning
Cindy Gutzmer, Senior, Architecture
Kimball Hales, Senior/Graduate Student, Architecture
Cari Hogan, Senior, Architecture
Katie Holtz, Senior, Architecture
Kris Johnson, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture
Marjorie Johns, Senior, Architecture
Sharon Jones, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Joanne Kim, Senior, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Tasha Love, Senior, Architecture
Michelle Kulikowski, Senior, Architecture
Shannon McDowell, Senior, Architecture
Jennifer Noonan, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Bruce Phillips, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Justin Placek, Senior, Architecture
Stephanie Poore, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Naomi Powell, Senior, Landscape Architecture
Aparna Raghunathan, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture
Jay Rank, Senior, Urban and Regional Planning
Nathan Robinson, Junior, Landscape Architecture
Christina Schrader, Senior, Architecture
Matt Sokolwski, Junior, Landscape Architecture
Nathan Steffen, Senior, Architecture
Jonathan Stephen, Senior, Architecture
Kayleigh Van Poolen, Graduate Student, Urban and Regional Planning
Andrew Weith, Senior, Architecture