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    When visiting the cities of St. Louis and East St. Louis, few people realize that there was a culture of 10,000 or more Native Americans below their feet, a thousand years ago.  The city of East St. Louis was actually a satellite community of the great Mississippian culture, yet at this time, East St. Louis is in great financial stress.  This knowledge may not seem relevant to many people, but with any culture, whether from thousand year old villages or from modern day neighborhoods, all have one thing in common.  They all have a history.  The information about the Mississippian culture should give the people of East St. Louis a connection with the past that has never been there before. The fundamentals behind this are described in greater depth in our Research Paper.     

    This site will detail the information gathered on the the archaeology that is 
within the East St. Louis area.  The different pages on this site will show maps of the archaeological site and their relation to other current projects.  Also, we've made an attempt at designing policies on the preservation of those sites.  In addition, there is a virtual reality model (VRML model) that allows a visitor to actually "fly" through the East St. Louis area, two of the largest indian burial mounds of Emerson Park, and finally, a tour of the satellite community as it would have looked when it was in its prime.  

[3-D VRML Modeling]
[Preservation Policies]
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