ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Part Two

Planning and Design for Neighborhood Quality of Life: 
Applying theoretical perspectives

graphic by misa inouye - LA465, Fall'95

Part Two:

Prototypical Solutions

Two weeks, 10% of final grade
Week 3.  
Feb 1-Feb 5
Thurs Feb 4: Part Two Introduction 
Prototypical Solutions
Fri Feb 5: Intro to Web development/HTML 
325 Buell Hall, 1:00pm.  
Abhijeet Chavan, 244-6076  
Deanna Koenigs, 333-2939
Week 4.  
Feb 8-Feb 12
Week 5.  
Feb 15-Feb 19
Thurs Feb 18: Prototypical Solutions due - Posted to WWW.  1:00 pm. 
Background information presentations and illustrations of solutions following those guiding principles -- posted to web.
Fri Feb 19-Sat Feb20Site Visit:    
Depart Temple Buell Hall, 7:00am, return 7:00pm. Saturday.  
Alta Sita Neighborhood Outreach.

Prototypical Solutions -- 
Work as Teams

Two weeks, 10% of final grade.


The investigation you have already accomplished in class will be a model or starting point for the development of one or more prototype design and planning solutions.  The goal is to illustrate the application of what may at times appear to be rather abstract ideas.

To help you develop prototypes, answer the following questions:

Develop illustrative schematic designs reflecting the community design issues you studied.  Design sketches should include plans, sections, elevations and perspectives, as appropriate.  Use 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, scanned into computer files and colorized using paint program software. We expect the equivalent of about twelve sheets of illustrations per group.

Check out this page to see an example of the kind of graphics we are talking about.  You can use the same method for plan rendering - it is fast, web-friendly, and communicates very well.  /la/LA437-F95/final/marcy/design.html  Pay special attention to the way Marcy provides links to the specific issues she was addressing in her prototype designs.


Create a web page including:
  Post Thursday, Feb 18, 1:00pm -- NOTE - we will be presenting from these web pages so YOU MUST BE FINISHED