ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Part Three

Planning and Design for Neighborhood Quality of Life:
Project Planning


Part Three:

Project Definition and Master Planning
Two weeks, 10% of final grade
Week 6. 
Feb 22-Feb 26
Weds Feb 24: Part Two Introduction
Project Definition - Delphi analysis
Thurs Feb 25: ArcView and the Neighborhood Condition Survey: 
319 Buell Hall, 1:00pm. 
Abhijeet Chavan, 244-6076 
Deanna Koenigs, 333-2939
Week 7. 
Mar 1-Mar5
Thurs Mar 4 and Fri Mar 5: Project Reviews
Two weeks, 10% of final grade. 1:00pm 
Project Definition and Master Plans

Project Definition and Master Planning -- 
Work as Teams

But ... you are encouraged to change team composition at this stage as long as the emerging teams have equal numbers of Architecture and Landscape Architecture students

Two weeks, 10% of final grade.

Operating principles

ASSIGNMENT 3a: Project Definition statement

The proposal to be distributed in class will be a model or starting point for your project definition.  The goal is to define what you are intending to do and how you intend to achieve that.

To help you develop this statement, answer the following questions:

This project statement will become part of the semester project but you will be free to change the details later as you find new opportunities or have to abandon some of your initial ideas.

We have identified a number of candidate project types but your group is invited to refine, amend or substitute other proposals through discussion with the instructors.

ASSIGNMENT 3b: Master Planning

Develop illustrative schematic designs reflecting the community design issues you studied.  Design sketches should include plans, sections, elevations and perspectives, as appropriate.  Use 8.5 x 11inch sheets, scanned into computer files and colorized using paint program software - with the intention to enlarge them to 11x17 format for display (two 11x17 sheets an 18x 24 display do make). We expect the equivalent of about twelve sheets of illustrations per group.

Minimum requirements:


Board layout: