ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Final Design Development
Semester Projects, Part Four

East St. Louis Action Research Project (ESLARP)

Perpetual Growth:  Youth, Development, Safety, Wisdom, Team A,
This project has two focal points; 26th and Bond, and 29th and Bond.  Three ingredients ensure growth: a daycare, a police sub-station, and a community center in a rehabilitated church.

Intercity Economic Relationships -- Revitalization and Restoration, Team B,
By utilizing the prosperity in St. Louis and the resources in East St. Louis, we plan to rebuild the Alta Sita community.  The foundation of this redevelopment process is a distribution center from which a business
community will grow.

A Walkable Community, Team C,
A holistic master plan for the neighborhood that starts at Virginia Place and will eventually expand to envelope all of  Alta Sita.  This design will emphasize pedestrian walkways that will tie the community together.

Sustainable Alta Sita:  A Design Prototype for Energy Efficiency, Team D,
This project proposes improvement in Alta Sita through the development of prototype neighborhood blocks which address energy-efficient housing, live/work environments, and the improvement of natural habitats.

Alta Sita Outreach Center, Team E,
The Alta Sita Outreach Center educational, athletic, and community facilities, are sited near the intersection of 26th and Tudor.  This center takes advantage of the vacant land on the southwest edge of the neighborhood and takes an immediate presence as a high profile structure immediately viewed from the main road into Alta Sita.

Alta Sita:  Planning for the Future, Team F,
A plan to contribute to neighborhood densification and revitalization.   A network of small structures ties neighborhood spatially, conceptually and  functionally.   One of these is a proposed pavilion and deck at the Alta Sita Mini-Park.

26th and Bond Redevelopment Partnership, Team G,
Design of a commercial development center to serve the Alta Sita Neighborhood with emphasis on walking access for the neighbors.  Particular attention was paid to the treatment of the street facades and detailing of landscape and lighting to fit in the existing fabric of the neighborhood.

Alta Sita Community Campus, Team H,
The Alta Sita Community Campus will be a multi-generational focal point that will provide the neighborhood with a single campus setting for children, adult, and senior activities; educational programs; and social gathering.

Restoring an Earlier Commercial Zone, Team I,
This project examines two different proposals for restoration and redevelopment of a commercial district at 29th and Bond.    The designs demonstrate potential urban and suburban solutions.

Arrival and Focus - Alta Sita, Team J,
Creating an attractive entrance and community center for Alta Sita.  Key aspects of this design include pedestrian-scale, street oriented buildings and unified greenspaces.