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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Landscape Architecture , Planning

Land Resource Evaluation

LA / UP 341, Fall 1996

Instructor : Brian Orland

Land Use Proposals for East St Louis

The class looked at a range of land use issues in the East St. Louis "watershed".  The study topics were chosen from Critical Land Use Issues identified in the course of the class.   With a view to potential land-use changes in the region students have made evaluations of economic, cultural, recreation, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic resources.

Urban wildlife
Education and the image of the region can be served by setting aside excess land for habitat restoration.   
New wetlands
Seasonal flooding is a problem that might be turned into a major asset through careful design and planning.
Historic ESL
The city's sense of place can be restored through identifying and stabilizing pockets of historically significant homes.   
Tree farming
Former residential areas offer good soils, little need for clean-up, and easy access. Agricultural uses can be used to bank land for future growth.
Light rail
A new transportation corridor offers quick and convenient access to jobs and financial security.   
Areas regularly inundated can serve vital community needs for recreation etc. as well as storm-water control.
A library of references for land conversion issues in East St. Louis and the region.   
Issues in the application of new communication technologies to community-based planning

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Landscape Architecture , Planning 

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