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Wetland Development

Since the time of European settlement there has been a constant effort to drain Mississippi bottom wetlands and put them to use for agricultural production, then later for housing and industry. That effort has been costly and difficult and has greatly reduced the area of wetland available as wildlife habitat, for water quality improvement, and for flood water storage during severe flood events. Since much of the land protected is now under-utilized, the time has come to re-consider returning it to its former role as wetlands.

Sources of Wetland Literature

A collection of literature on the various topics concerning wetlands ranging from wastewater treatment to wildlife habitat.

Visual quality evaluation

What a wetland would look like in your area is a question that may arise. This evaluation gives an idea of what a wetland would do aesthetically for an area, plus addresses the underlying question of "What is visually pleasing?"

Economic evaluation of a proposed land use change

Can a wetland generate income? What are some of the benefits and costs attributed to developing a wetland. These questions and more are answered here.

Cultural resources inventory

The affects of a wetland development project will effect an area much larger than the area being converted to a wetland. We illustrate the posible positive and negative impacts such a project would have on a communitie's cutural and historical aspects.

Ecological resources evaluation

A wetland can be callled a "living museum" See what impact a wetland would create in the wildlife populations of the region.

Executive summary

"So what does all this mean???" Take a look at the summary of a wetland project, and explore possible locations of a wetland in the East St. Louis area.

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