A project for the revitalization of the Emerson Park area, East St. Louis, Illinois.
Landscape Architecture 341, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Turning a New Leaf



Stephen Swanton Amy Minteer

Many neighborhoods in East St. Louis lay in ruin.  Houses are falling apart, abandoned lots are strewn with garbage, and parks and other green spaces are few and far between.  We are proposing a project to alleviate some of these problems for the Emerson Park neighborhood in East St. Louis.  Our project has two main goals: first, we plan to rehabilitate all of the deteriorating houses in this neighborhood and rent them as public housing; second, we plan to tear down houses that are beyond repair and replace them with tree-filled parks.  This project's primary intent is to improve the living conditions for residents of Emerson Park without greatly increasing the costs of living.  After implementation of our project, residents will then enjoy more livable homes in a more livable neighborhood.
Nidhi Tomar Bradley Harrison



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