LA/UP 341 Fall 1998

Weekly class notes and 
guidelines for practicals


Week of September 8 -- Held values of environmental goods

Practical 1--Searching the library and internet

Week of September 15 -- Who are the stakeholders and what are their values?

Practical 2-- Creating web documents and a homepage.

Week of September 22 -- Economic evaluation of land resources - I

Practical 3-- A simple spreadsheet evaluation and using the EXCEL Internet Assistant

Week of September 29 -- Economic evaluation of land resources - II - Intangibles

Practical 4-- A more comprehensive spreadsheet evaluation

Week of October 6-- Economic evaluation of land resources - III - Time, risk, uncertainty

Practical 5-- Discounting in cost-benefits

Week of October 13-- Economic evaluation of land resources - IV - Critiques of Cost-Benefit analysis applied to Land Resource Evaluation

Practical 6-- Travel cost modeling

Week of October 20-- Non-economic evaluation of land resources - Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

Practical 7 -- Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

Week of October 27-- Overview of Landscape Visual Assessment

Practical 8-- A Visual Resource Management System for neighborhoods

Week of November 3-- An Expert-based Evaluation Method

Practical 9-- Visual Quality Evaluation and Preference Measures

Week of November 10-- Cultural/Historical Evaluation

Practical 10-- Cultural Resources and Impacts Evaluation

Week of November 17-- Wildlife and Old-Growth, and Landscape Evaluation

Practical 11-- Wildlife habitat

Week of November 24-- Land Suitability: Landscape Evaluation and Understanding -- beyond Overlay Maps

Practical 12-- Site selection

Modified: 22 July 1998, Brian Orland