LA/UP 341 Fall 1998

Timetable, Readings, and Assignments

Note: A reader is available from Notes and Quotes in the Johnstowne Center at 5th and John Streets in Champaign.


August 26 -- Introduction

August 31 -- Human values and some other views of the environment 

Kellert, Stephen R., 1996.  The Value of Life:  Biological Diversity and Human Society.  Washington, DC:  Island Press.  Chapters 1-3, pp3-63.   

Hanna, Susan, and Svein Jentoft, 1996.  Human Use of the Natural Environment:  An Overview of Social and Economic Dimensions.  In, S. Hanna, C. Folke, and K-G. Maler, eds., Rights to Nature.  Washington, DC:  Island Press.  pp36-55. 

September 2 -- Practical
Searching the library, the internet, the universe ... 

All guides for Practicals are on-line with Class Notes

September 7 -- Labor Day

September 9 -- Practical
On-line forum, HTML.

September 14 -- Stewardship, our personal views 

Dwyer, John F., Herbert W. Schroeder, and Paul H. Gobster, 1994.  The Deep Significance of Urban Trees and Forests.  In, R. Platt, R. Rowntree and P. Muick, eds., The Ecological City, Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity.  Amherst, MA:  U. Massachusetts Press.  pp137-150.   

Heberlein, Thomas A., 1989.  Attitudes and Environmental ManagementJournal of Social Issues, 45 (1) 37-57. 

September 16 -- Practical
More HTML, ftp, and publishing with Navigator 4.0.

September 21 -- Economic evaluation - simple stuff 

Hardin, Garrett, 1987. The tragedy of the commons, Chapter 3 In: G. Hardin (ed), Managing the Commons, W.H. Freeman: San Francisco. pp16-30. (Also Science 162, 1243-1248.)   

Price, Colin, 1988. Landscape Economics, London: Macmillan. Chapters 1, 2 and 3, pp 1-29.   

Helliwell, D.R., 1994. Expert judgement quantified. Landscape Research, 19(1), 7-9.   

Price, Colin, 1994. Donations, charges and willingness to pay: Aesthetic values for cathedrals and countryside. Landscape Research, 19(1), 9-12. 

September 23 -- Practical
Simple stuff with EXCEL. 

September 28 -- Social Welfare -- Cost-benefit analysis etc. 

McAllister, D.M., 1980. Evaluation in Environmental Planning. Cambridge, MA: MIT. Chapter 5, 67-83.   

Willis, Ken, 1994. Contingent valuation in a policy context. Landscape Research, 19(1), 17-20.

September 30 -- Practical
Contingent Valuation (CVM)

October 5 -- More economic evaluation 

Walsh, Richard G., 1986. Recreation Economic Decisions. State College, PA: Venture. Chapter 8, 195-248.   

McAllister, D.M., 1980. Evaluation in Environmental Planning. Cambridge, MA: MIT. Chapter 8, 124-147. 

October 7 ---- Practical
Travel Cost Modelling (TCM) 

Note:  Instructor distracted --  
out of town October 8-11

October 12 -- Applications and critiques of alternative economic evaluation  approaches

McAllister, D.M., 1980. Evaluation in Environmental Planning. Cambridge, MA: MIT. Chapter 7, 105-123.   

Clawson, Marion, 1985. Forests for Whom and for What? Baltimore: Resources for the Future and Johns Hopkins. Chapters 8 and 9, 112-129. 

October 14 -- Practical
Not so simple stuff with EXCEL -- Discounting. 

October 19 -- Recreation evaluation -- ROS, Unit days, NRPA standards 

Mittman, H.J., 1993. Recreation Management within the Multiple Use Management Concept of the United States Forest Service, In P.D. Taylor and H.N. van Lier (eds).  New Challenges in Recreation and Tourism Planning. New York: Elsevier. Chapter 7, 125-138. 

October 21 -- Practical
Recreational Opportunity Spectrum (ROS)

October 26 -- Visual quality -- overview

Porteous, J. Douglas, 1996.  Environmental Aesthetics:  Ideas, Politics, and Planning.  New York:  Routledge.  Introduction, pp3-41. Chapter 3, Experimentalists.  pp113-147.   

Ulrich, Roger S., 1993.  Biophilia, Biophobia, and Natural Landscapes.  In, S.E. Kellert and Edward O. Wilson, eds., The Biophilia Hypothesis.  Washington, DC:  Island Press.  pp 73-137.

October 28 -- Practical
The beauty meter and its application.

November 2 -- Visual quality -- expert-based assessments and other views

Price, Colin, 1988. Landscape Economics, London: Macmillan.  Chapters 4 and 5, 30-53.  

Gobster, Paul H. and Richard E. Chenoweth, 1989. The Dimensions of Aesthetic Preference: a Quantitative Analysis. Journal of Environmental Management 17, 47-71.  

November 4 -- Practical
Visual Resource Management (VRM), Visual Impact (VIA), Visual Absorption Capability (VAC)

November 9 -- Cultural resources

Rapoport, Amos, 1982.  The Meaning of the Built Environment, Tucson: University of Arizona.  Chapter 6, Urban Examples of Applications, 137-176.

November 11 -- Practical
Identification and Preservation of Cultural Resources

November 16 -- Landscape Suitability 

Steinitz, Carl, Paul Parker, and Laurie Jordan, 1986. Hand-drawn overlays: their history and prospective uses. Landscape Architecture 66(5) 444-455.   

Hopkins, Lewis D., 1987. Methods for Generating Land Suitability Maps: A Comparative Evaluation. AIP Journal, October 1987. 386-400.   

Mighetto, Lisa, 1991.  Wild Animals and American Environmental Ethics.  Tucson:  University of Arizona.  Chapter 6, Biocentrism, and Chapter 7, New Directions for Protection.  94-118.

November 18 -- Practical
Overlay mapping, GIS, Habitat analysis

November 23 --  Modeling and Projecting Values 

Orland, B., C. Ogleby, H. Campbell, and P. Yates, 1998, Multi-media approaches to visualization of ecosystem dynamics. Proceedings, ASPRS/ACSM/ RTí98 -Seattle, American Society for  Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Washington, DC. vol 4, pp224-236.  View on line.   

Orland B., 1998, SmartForest-II: Forest Visual Modeling for Forest Pest Management and Planning. Final Report:  USDA Forest Service, FPM-MAG, State and Private Forestry.  View on line

November 25
Thanksgiving break!

November 30 --  Back to Values: Equity  and Environmental Justice

Freyfogle, E.T., 1993. Justice and the Earth. New York: The Free Press. Chapters 1 and 6. 1-17; 113-132.   

Goulet, Denis, 1990. Development Ethics and Ecological Wisdom, Chapter 2 in: J. Ronald Engel and Joan Gibb Engel (eds.) Ethics of Environment and Development.  Tucson:  University of Arizona.  36-49.   

Sterling, Stephen R., 1990.  Towards an Ecological World View, Chapter 5 in: J. Ronald Engel and Joan Gibb Engel (eds.)  Ethics of Environment and Development.  Tucson:  University of Arizona.  77-86.

December 2 -- Practical
Work Day

December 7 -- Envisioning the Future of  Suburbia and the City 

Beatley, Timothy, and Kristy Manning, 1997.  The Ecology of Place.  Washington, DC:  Island Press.  Chapter 4, The Ecology of Place.  86-136.   

Batty, Michael, 1995. The Computable City. Keynote Address: Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, Melbourne, Australia, July 11-14, 1995   

December 9 -- Practical
Work Day

December 14 --  Finals, no class

December 16
Final reports due by now 


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