East St. Louis is in dire need of rejuvenation. Through the years, the East St. Louis area has faced social and economic deterioration, resulting in a negatively impacted environment. The local economy diminished, residents moved away, and the area's urban structure dwindled. Restructuring this situation is the goal of the East St. Louis Action Research Project. ESLARP was designed to rebuild East St. Louis through a variety of projects that address the needs of the city's poorest communities, as well as develop ideas as possible future projects for the region. The East St. Louis Park Corridor is one of these proposed ideas.

Description of Project

Economic Evaluation

Visual Quality Analysis

Cultural/Historical Evaluation

Wildlife Evaluation


|Description| |Economic Eval.| |Visual Analysis| |Cultural/Historical Eval.| |Wildlife Eval.| |Conclusion|
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Conceptualized by:
Paul Fish, Tara Bhuthimethee, Misty Das