LA/UP 341 Fall 1998

Connecting to Landscape Architecture Server (GAEA)

Use GAEA for...

Login to GAEA to access your personal file space, class files, and some shared applications. To print to landscape architecture printers from any PC you must be logged in to GAEA.

For LA/UP 341 save a backup of your group web pages in your group folder located in the la341 folder which is in the landarch-gaea_users folder under classes. (I will explain how to get there next).


Mac Users:

Access the server under the apple menu select Chooser. In Chooser...
select Appleshare
zone: Landscape Architecture
fileserver: LANDARCH_GAEA

Then click OK

There will be a list of directories to choose from:
LANDARCH_GAEA.USERS - personal and class folders
APPS - applications

Click on the desired folders, then select OK.

Now the folders should show up on the desktop. Just double-click to open the LANDARCH_GAEA.USERS folder and you will see the classes and students folder, as well as some others. In the classes folder will be the folder for la341 and within that will be your group folder.

PC Users:

The directory structure that is set up for this is very confusing, so bear with me.

Once you are logged on to a PC, open the network neighborhood icon that is on the desktop. Open Entire Network, then NetWare or Compatible Network, then open the icon with a tree symbol that says la, then you should see another icon with la (I don't know why), open that.

It looks like you can go directly into the landarch-gaea_users folder, if you can, great, but I don't think so.

Instead, open the landarch-gaea computer icon. Finally you should see folders called apps, sys and users. When you open the users folder, you should see the Classes and Students folders, etc. The Classes folder contains the la341 folder with your group folders.

So you don't have to do this everytime you login, you can Map Network Drive. Go to the landarch-gaea folder where you can see apps, sys and users. Click on the users folder, then from the File menu choose Map Network Drive.

Logging Out

For your own safety and the safety of your files, please remember to logout. It is not too hard to remember to log off of the PC's, but it is easy to remain connected on the Macs.

For Macs: Just drag the USERS or APPS folders into the trash and you will be logged out.


I can try to answer most of your questions, if not, I will get you in touch with Marilou Hinrichs. My email is koenigs@uiuc.edu and the Imaging Lab phone number is 333-2939.

Modified: 06 October 1998, Deanna Koenigs