ESLARP East St. Louis Action Research Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Urban Land Futures
for East St. Louis

Department of Landscape Architecture

Graduate Studio LA 437/465, Fall 1994

Project Team:

Malen Bacaicoa
Abhijeet Chavan
Brad Cownover
Tawatchai Kobkaikit
Nupur Mohan
Elizabeth More
Mona Prabhu
Ai-lin Shu
Zhengxin Yang


Prof. Brian Orland

Document author(s) : Graduate Studio LA 437/465 Fall 1994
HTML by : Abhijeet Chavan, Brad Cowner, Yinyuan Qing, Ai-lin Shu
Last modified: May 2, 1995


East St. Louis Action Research Project
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