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Sanitation Code Violation in East St. Louis

Data Description

The violations data was taken from Daniel J. Thomas' Master's Project in which he compiled the number of Sanitation Code violations according to neighborhood. Each violation was labeled by neighborhood and block and parcel number. The data was collected by two groups of survey teams in 1995 and 1996 who had objective standards that are for determining which parcels were polluted. Unfortunately, I do not know about their standards. It should have been noted that while sanitation codes contain a number of criteria, almost all violation s (92%) included excessive amounts of trash visible on the ground.

This information contained complete data for only seven neighborhoods in East Saint Louis. Therefore, you will see no dumping sites in Emerson Park in the Northeast, nor in the east end corners of East Saint Louis which are Edgemont and Loisel Hills. In doing my analyses, I systematically removed the data for these categories from my tabulations.

I obtained most of data from DNR (Department of Natural Resource) and LRMS (Land Resource Management System) which was developed by Southern Illinois University. DNR data was obtained from CD-Rom and LRMS data from Imaging System Lab in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

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Data Description

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