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Sanitation Code Violation in East St. Louis

East St. Louis, Illinois is located in west-central Illinois across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. Once containing over 80,000 residents, today, approximately 40,000 people reside in the city. There are many vacant houses, derelict structures, and empty lots in East St. Louis due to its collapsed socio-economic situation. Legal and illegal waste disposal undermines the quality of East St. Louis' environment and it could be source of pollution that threatens the health of residents in this area.

The problem of illegal dumping in East St. Louis is so extensive that it is difficult to know where to begin cleaning up. My purposes in this project were also to identify what factors were related to the dumping, and to identify which sites ought to receive priority in clean-up. So, I have a number of hypotheses which I am attempting to prove. I want to determine the relationship between violations and land use; distance from the highway exit and major routes, and population densities in neighborhoods. In the end, I found a few slight but significant relationships.

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    Sanitation Code Violation in East St. Louis

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