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Spring 2003


Spring Semester Courses/Studios

This spring there was a total of 7 courses from 6 different departments that focused their efforts on East St. Louis. Topics included designing affordable housing, studying abusive lending practices, working with residents in the creation of a neighborhood plan, hydrology studies, tourism development, creation of community technology centers and other community development projects. Some of the projects are highlighted below.

The list of courses can be seen at: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/courses/

Affordable Housing Studio Designs Unique Home for East St. Louis

Architecture students have designed a single-family home to be built in East St. Louis, IL this Spring. Eighteen senior and graduate students, under the instruction of assistant professor Dr. Osman Ataman, started the project in fall 2002. Each student created their own design, and the most feasible design was selected for the team project. This semester the students worked together to make the design unique and affordable for a low-income family. Students have gained experience in working with real-world problems and solutions.

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ESLARP Interdisciplinary Neighborhood Design Workshop, Spring 2003

The final draft plan for the South End Neighborhood in East St. Louis, created during the spring semester of 2003, results from a joint effort by students and faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the South End New Development Organization (SENDO). SENDO members partnered with four faculty and 39 architecture, landscape architecture, and urban and regional planning students through four stages of the planning process. Stages undertaken during the semester include: gathering information, ordering - to understand the type of neighborhood residents envisioned for the future of the South End, making Ė to understand the real possibilities, and laying the foundation for taking action.

Information gathering builds upon material collected by the ESLARP Neighborhood Design Workshop during spring 2002 and provides a detailed understanding of the existing social and physical fabric of the neighborhood. Ordering involved four interdisciplinary student teams proposing South End redevelopment along the lines of four neighborhood typologies proposed by Sidney Brower in his book Good Neighborhoods. This ordering exercise allowed students and faculty to better understand resident visions of a future South End Neighborhood. This vision became the basis for the making stage where the work of seven interdisciplinary student teams came together to propose an overall neighborhood framework and more specific and detailed physical plans for six identified neighborhood areas. A working vision statement, developed by students and faculty, as they reflected on what they heard from SENDO members, guided the making stage. The final draft plan represents the outcomes of the making stage of the planning process; it also proposes a list of possible actions that SENDO can take in order to implement various parts of the neighborhood plan. During the summer of 2003, Janni Sorensen from UIUCís ESLARP will work with SENDO members to put the draft plan into finalized form so that SENDO members can work toward converting the plan into policy guiding the South Endís future redevelopment.

View the students' work at: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/la/LA338-S03/

Heritage Trail Project

This semester the Leisure Studies 357 Tourism Development course worked on a Mounds Trail tourism development project with Kathy Andria of the American Bottoms Conservancy. The purpose of the project was to develop a conceptual plan for the Mounds Trail that focused on the rich heritage of the area with the objective of attracting tourists and capitalizing on tourist revenues. The proposed trail runs between the Eades Bridge and the Cahokia Mounds passing through East St. Louis and Fairmont City. It is a great opportunity to interpret the rich history of the area from the perspective of Native American, Hispanic, African-American, and Anglo heritage. The next phase of project is to seek grant money to prepare a more formal plan and expand our networking with community leaders.

Coming soon: Look for a link to the full report on the ESLARP website.

Spring Outreach Weekends

This Spring approximately 175 people traveled to East St. Louis to work on eight separate sites. Included were students and faculty from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Prairienet, Leisure Studies, ESLARP, NTAC, LINC, Washington University Architecture Department, a local Sorority group, and local residents.

Students worked to beautify a one block area of McCasland Avenue by picking up debris and repairing and painting porches, etc.; they cleared two lots and revamped a landscaped area; started a landscaping plan at Eagle's Nest transitional housing; weeded a playground and painted a sign and table at a child care center; painted Pilgrim Temple Church; created No Dumping Signs for the South End Neighborhood; prepared the Farmers Market for spring functions; and cleaned up a wetland in preparation for restoration.

Read more and view pictures at:
April 11-12, 2003: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/outreach/0304/
March 14-15, 2003: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/outreach/0303/

Summer Outreach Weekend Planned

ESLARP will host a Summer Outreach Weekend on June 27 and 28, 2003. If you are interested in joining us for a weekend filled with hard work with some fun thrown in please email eslarp@uiuc.edu for more information.

St. Louis Chapter of ASLA and Univ. of Illinois Dept. Of Landscape Architecture Celebrate National Landscape Architecture Week at Eagle's Nest

On March 1, 2003, members of the Eagleís Nest Board of Directors, students from the University of Illinois Department of Landscape Architecture, and professionals from the St. Louis Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects, participated in a design workshop for the landscape of the newly acquired 3.5 acre site. Four alternative schemes were developed and discussed, and the group came to consensus on a complete design program for site improvements. Professor Gary Kesler prepared a preliminary site plan based on the comments shared during the workshop, and distributed it for review by all participants. The goal was to complete the plan and solicit donations from landscape nurseries in order to plant the front entry area during National Landscape Architecture Week (NLAW) in late April. The final site plan was completed and approved at a meeting March 27 hosted by St. Louis Chapter ASLA President Stephen Ibendahl at the St. Louis office of HNTB. A general scheme of planting was discussed and a plan for requesting materials from nurseries was developed. The first phase of planting was completed on April 26 in celebration of NLAW.

View pictures at: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/clips/eaglesnest2003/

Students Prepare Planting Design for 56 ESL Housing Authority Units

The East St. Louis Housing Authority requested a landscape design for a mixed-residence complex. The complex consisted of 59 units with various building types. The request included designs for the entryways including plant lists of drought tolerant/high abuse species, a cost estimate, and detailed drawings and measurements to be used for construction.

The entire plan was kept simple by keeping the same design and plant list for each building type; all of the building types have a similar arrangement of plants and plant heights. Tall shrubs were used to define the corners of each building. Tall plants were also used to visually separate the units of a building. Showy flowering plants were located at the doorway to provide visual interest when entering and exiting the buildings and a combination of small evergreen plants create the border of the design. The plant combinations were chosen to provide visual interest throughout each season. Construction is planned for this fall.

Paul Adams Receives CAPE Award

(Adapted from Inside Illinois Vol. 22, No. 16, March 20, 2003) Six academic professionals receive CAPE award

Six people are being honored with the 2003 Chancellorís Academic Professional Excellence Award, designed to recognize the importance of contributions made by academic professionals. This year, as in the past 14, the CAPE Award winners were selected based on their outstanding contributions in their professional fields, to their department or unit and the campus, and for the positive impact they have had on colleagues, students and the public.

When Paul Adams, took over as director of Prairienet in 1999, the program had a local scope and a mounting deficit. Now, four years later, it reaches well beyond UI and Champaign-Urbana and it has been in the black for two years. Prairienet provides computers and Internet access to low-income users and the public. Also under Adamsí leadership, Prairienet combined forces with the East St. Louis Action Research Project, a program that provides computing resources for low-income communities.

View the entire article at: http://www.news.uiuc.edu/ii/03/0320/cape.html

ESL-Citytalk Email Community Forum

ESL-CITYTALK is email-based discussion forum. This forum is open to any resident, agency, or entity involved in community development activity in East St. Louis. It was created to promote collaboration between the many different entities that are engaging in community development intiatives in East St. Louis.

JOIN NOW!! http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/citytalk/

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